Recruit Faster, Transform Candidate Experience and Reduce Hiring Costs

By automating candidate engagement and communications at scale with Mya, the industry's leading Conversational AI Recruiting Platform.


The NLP is amazing.
I was blown away by it.

Sean Snyder

Sean Snyder
Sr. Director of Tech, Talent Launch


My recruiters can spend 100% of their time talking to qualified, available candidates and converting hires.

Kevin McLeod

Kevin McLeod
CEO, Entegee


We saved 45 days over 6 months for our UK recruiting team.

Nilesh Bhoite

Nilesh Bhoite
Chief Digital Officer HR, L’Oreal

How does a Conversational AI Recruiting Platform help me reduce costs and increase efficiency?


Hundreds of leading enterprises and agencies, including 40 of the Fortune 500, use Mya to make their recruiting processes faster and more efficient. To find out where CAI can help you most, take our quiz.

Improve the Speed and Efficiency of Your Entire Recruiting Process

Mya automates candidate engagement and communications with site visitors, applicants, and candidates so your recruiters can do more with less.



Convert Site Visitors Into Applicants & Talent Pools



Engage, Screen, and Schedule Applicants



Source & Reactivate Passive Candidates

More Efficient Recruiting for Every Job & Industry

Mya can automate candidate engagement for more than 12 Industries & 100s of roles. Mya helps you recruit faster, do more with less, and reduces costs for everything from recruiting a 1,000 warehouse associates to hiring a 100 hard to find engineers.

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Automate Candidate Engagement and Communications at Scale with our Conversational AI Platform

The industry’s best conversations make Mya engaging. Our workflows, integrations, analytics, and functionality make it easy to use. Mya has everything you’ll ever need to deploy, integrate, and scale recruiting AI.


The channels, languages, and words your candidates use to communicate are diverse. Mya knows about their industry, talks like they do, and makes them feel understood.

The Industry’s Best Engagement Rate


Rigorously tested and optimized conversations make Mya the AI that you can trust your employer brand, D&I, and candidate experience with.

Positive Outcomes for All Candidates 


Our CAI platform gives you deep interoperability through verified integrations with the most popular ATS and technology partnerships with innovative vendors.

Digital Transformation That’s Easy on Your Budget


Our recruiter and admin experiences make it easy for anyone to deploy AI workflows and analyze their performance. No coding needed.

A Recruiting AI That Recruiters Can Use

Discover How Our Conversational AI Recruiting Platform Can Help You Do More With Less

Mya makes it fast, easy, and safe for companies to deploy and scale conversational AI for recruiting. Let Mya be your single-point solution for efficiency, candidate experience, and digital transformation.

Make Conversational AI Your Competitive Advantage

Recruiting with Conversational AI is the future. Find out how and why Fortune 500 companies and leading staffing agencies are using Conversational AI to carve out a competitive advantage.