eBook Hiring in the Age of AI:
How is Conversational AI
Different from Other Bots?

Conversational AI (CAI) VS. The Chatbot:
How Is CAI Different?


Conversational AI

Enhanced Bots

Engagement Instant engagement to boost candidate experience is good, but human dialogue is better. A dialogue requires two parties to understand what the other is saying, respond to it, and remember what was said. Otherwise, the conversation becomes robotic and one-sided. Enhanced bots provide instant engagement as well, but that engagement is robotic and shows lack of understanding and empathy for the candidate. This results in a one-sided conversation that can be frustrating to your candidates.
Context A CAI takes into consideration what a candidate says, regardless of how they present the information. If information was given at an early stage in the conversation, a CAI can recall that information when it is relevant. This results in a human feel. Enhanced bots use a Y/N or multiple-choice method to answer queries, which removes any context. It does not recall information previously given by the candidate or organization.
Tone Human conversations are not just a back and forth sharing of information. Even professional conversations are full of personality, emotion, and a surprise here and there. A CAI like Mya acts as a brand ambassador; showcasing the tone of your company. Utilizes a generic tone, not specific to your brand. The enhanced bot will seem separate from your organization. The tone is programmed within the bot and does not change as the tone or context the candidate is using changes.
Memory With CAI, conversations aren’t isolated. It remembers complex, multi-part statements, changed answers, or interjections and can shift the direction of a conversation toward the intended goal. Machine learning algorithms learn continuously from millions of interactions, to continually improve the accuracy of responses and expand the breadth of knowledge. Enhanced bots provide isolated back-and-forth conversations without the context of what was previously said. This can result in wasted time for your candidates which could result in a subpar, frustrating candidate experience.


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AI in hiring is a whole new ball game for recruiters. Find out how and why Fortune 500 companies and leading staffing agencies are using Conversational AI to carve out a competitive advantage.

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