Hiring in the Age of AI: Introduction

Introduction to Recruitment Chatbots

Identifying and securing high-quality talent is a top challenge facing the recruiting industry. In June, the unemployment rate was around 17.8 million. When it’s safe for those out of jobs to get back into the labor market, there is sure to be a surge in applications. In a unique market like this, there isn’t time to waste when it comes to filling positions. In fact, nearly half of employers say filling a job today takes longer than ever in the postindustrial era.

Filling positions has never been more challenging and expensive, so you need a recruitment chatbot to make this process quick, efficient, and cost-effective.

How Comfortable Are People
With Chatbots?

  • Live chat software has a 73% satisfaction rate as a way for customers to interact with businesses
  • 40% of millennials say that they chat with chatbots on a daily basis.
  • Messaging apps have over 5 billion monthly active users.
  • By 2020, an expected 85% of consumer interactions will be handled without a human agent.

Enter: recruitment chatbots—specifically, Conversational AI.

Chatbots help to address inefficiencies in the hiring process. While many of these chatbots are being marketed similarly, not all chatbots solve all problems. There are profound differences between CAI and other bots in their ability to understand, engage, and support candidates.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence(CAI) can help organizations solve recruiting challenges by automating aspects of the hiring process and transforming the online candidate experience. Different from traditional chatbots, CAI combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to
address job market inefficiencies, while maintaining the human-centric nature
of recruiting. In practice, it enables recruiters to be more effective with their time and provides candidates a higher quality experience.


Talent Acquisition’s Competitive Edge

AI in hiring is a whole new ball game for recruiters. Find out how and why Fortune 500 companies and leading staffing agencies are using Conversational AI to carve out a competitive advantage.

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