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A Groundbreaking Source of
Competitive Advantage

Recruiters and hiring managers alike have a need for tech that meets their organization’s needs after COVID-19. With chatbots, specifically Conversational AI, you get a competitive advantage. Here’s how CAI serves as a source of competitive advantage and what you’ll see when integrating CAI into your hiring process.

1. Replace Your FAQ

An interested candidate is still going to have basic questions about your organization. Rather than your recruiters spending their time answering basic questions or redirecting candidates to a page on your site, frequently asked questions can be addressed by Conversational AI.

2. Build Rapport and Get to Know Your Candidates

Conversational AI starts a dialogue between your company and it’s candidate pool. A CAI can ask intricate questions and remember specific details that make for a more meaningful conversation than more basic bots. In turn, the candidate is left feeling cared for, and recruiting teams get the crucial information they need to make the best hiring decision.

3. Coordinate Your Schedule of Interviews

CAI removes the tedious administrative duties of setting up calls and meetings with potential candidates. This gives recruiters their time back to prepare for a meaningful conversation with the comfort of already knowing their experience and skill set. Which brings us to our next point…

4. Qualify Candidates Before Your Meet

CAI is equipped to cover necessary questions about candidates’ qualifications, experience, and skills. It then ranks the candidates it deems qualified and presents this data to make an informed decision. This way, once recruiters meet in-person, they can focus more on other more difficult to screen qualities.

5. Robust Candidate Experience

83% of job seekers will change their minds about a company or role they liked if they have a poor candidate experience. In a tight labor market where there are more jobs than workers to fill them, providing a great experience for your candidate pool is vital. When you can stand out from the competition and respect your candidates’ time, you are one step ahead of your competition. The most apparent way a chatbot does this is in the speed of the process.

The most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process aren’t the actual decision-making parts—it’s the downtime. A candidate submits a resume, but you have too much on your plate. You want to move forward with an interview, but you need to check your schedule for some free time. A Conversational AI makes the process instantaneous and mindful of your candidates’ time even with high volume hiring—benefitting all parties.

The recruiting landscape has dramatically changed since the global pandemic. A rise in unemployment, advances in technology, and changing candidate expectations have all impacted the way companies find and attract talent. In today’s hiring market, candidates are increasingly frustrated with their applications disappearing into the recruiting “black hole” and never hearing back from organizations. In fact, on average, 250 people apply to every job posting—85 percent of those applications fall into the black hole with no follow-up from the company. When unemployed candidates are in dire need of an income and normalcy, they can’t waste their time finding their way out of a candidate black hole. Organizations must look at how to address these recruiting challenges, and better meet candidate needs or risk losing out on the talent they need to take them into the future.

Conversational AI will change every aspect of when, where, and how you engage and communicate with your candidate pool. If you’re ready to rise above your competitors and impress your candidates, say Hello to Mya today!


Talent Acquisition’s Competitive Edge

AI in hiring is a whole new ball game for recruiters. Find out how and why Fortune 500 companies and leading staffing agencies are using Conversational AI to carve out a competitive advantage.

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