3 Tips that help companies acquire and retain talent during a talent shortage

| Ameya Deshmukh
Talent Acquisition
3 Tips that help companies acquire and retain talent during a talent shortage

Talent. It’s what all of the top companies have in common. The best organizations attract the best talent, which, in turn, allows them to deliver top products and services. These top companies know acquiring the right talent is critical, see their people as their most valuable assets, and fight to make sure the right people want to work for them. A talent shortage brings complications to hiring and recruiting, but it also brings an opportunity to revamp your processes.

Did you know there are currently more open jobs than candidates to fill those positions? In this climate, it’s especially important to focus on retention. And, hiring and establishing a long-term talent pipeline should be a priority. In all, assessing long-term hiring and retention results are necessary to avoid turnover. These are the 3 areas you should focus on to help your process go from ordinary to extraordinary in a tight labor market:

Prepare for Gen Z

It’s 2019, and interactive hiring processes are a go. If your company is still using outdated hiring processes, it’s time to adapt and shift to match this new technology trend to better cater to Gen Z. There’s an increasing need for efficient online applications, especially for younger generations. Candidates expect the majority of their hiring process to be completed online—all leading to an in-person interview that ‘seals the deal.’ Online, interactive assessments can help you learn about the skills, characteristics, traits, and abilities your candidates bring to the table. Yes, face-to-face interactions are still important when it comes to getting to know them, but using new online tools can benefit your company by giving you a competitive edge.

So, what can you do to attract Gen Z top talent? Pay attention to their unique needs. Generation Z’s top three “”must-haves”” for their first job are health insurance (70%), a competitive salary (63%), and a boss they respect (61%).

How to prepare for Gen Z in the hiring process:

  • Recognize they are not the same as Gen Y or Millennials
  • Focus on your mobile hiring experience first
  • Build values and culture into the hiring process
  • Understand the benefits and compensation they’re most interested in
  • Bring CSR initiatives front and center
  • Focus on making your experience interactive and social

Through offering internship opportunities, you play a part in their education and help them begin their professional careers. Your talent pipeline is also strengthened in the process. Some colleges have organizations that work to guide and produce the next generation of top talent by helping students discover their strengths and passions. Preparing for Gen Z is all about knowing what they expect out of the hiring process and catering to those needs.

Optimize Job Descriptions

To attract the talent you need, your company needs to have stellar job descriptions and a communicated recruitment timeline that includes long-term goals. It’s time to get your job descriptions right. Job descriptions are often the first impression a job candidate gets of your company; because of this, it is important to have them reflect both the reality each job and the company culture. Explain what you’re looking for and sell your company. This is also a good time to be innovative, highlight the benefits of working at the company, and to show your candidates how you’re different.

How to optimize your job descriptions and advertisements:

  • Eliminate any unnecessary education or experience qualifications
  • If possible, speak to someone holding the job currently to get a better sense of the day-to-day
  • See if the team or hiring manager is willing to create a quick video about the position
  • Remove gendered language with this handy guide
  • Offer specific ways in which the position supports the organization overall
  • Add in corporate values whenever possible
  • Show how the position will impact the employee’s life if they take it by writing in the future tense

Did you know, job postings with gender-neutral language receive 42% more responses? You must strip gendered language from your job ads. Make sure the language is inclusive to not deter a qualified candidate. Some people (mostly women) won’t even apply if they don’t meet all the requirements, so a long list of qualifications might not be necessary as it can limit the applications you receive. Boost the number of applications you get by optimizing your job descriptions with specificity, compensation bands if possible, and a clear explanation of how the employee’s work will impact the company overall.

Bring in Conversational AI

Employers need to be proactive in recruiting to show job seekers their company is worth working for. Looking at it from a candidates’ perspective can help you see what’s working and what needs improvement. What better time to dive deep into your recruiting process than during a talent shortage?

It is important to be open with candidates about what they can expect. Communicate these things early in the process so they know what to expect throughout the hiring process. Ensure candidates will say good things about your company, as they will talk about the experience, whether good or bad.

How to use conversational AI to improve candidate experience:

  • Ensure company FAQs are answered within the chat (think benefits, hours, locations, policies)
  • Create a scheduling workflow so active candidates can make appointments during off-hours
  • Build screening questions into your recruitment AI platform (age, qualifications, shifts, experience)
  • Offer automated responses to everyone, not just those who make the cut
  • Communicate timelines as often as possible, so candidates know what to expect and when
  • Introduce elements of your company culture through high-quality conversational AI

Top talent will walk away from a recruitment process that is lengthy. In fact, 54% of employers have missed out on a qualified candidate due to protracted recruitment timelines. Focus on quickly turning around offers because this has allowed companies to attract top talent. Bring in conversational AI for consistency and engagement.

Looking to attract the best talent now and in the future? Revamp your hiring process. Talent is essential to business success. A candidate-friendly hiring process lets candidates know what is expected of them, gives them the ability to demonstrate their skills and experience, and makes them want to work for you. You want to leave your candidates feeling like they were able to leave everything on the table.

Giving candidates a positive experience by preparing for Gen Z, nailing job descriptions, and bringing in conversational AI will make your hiring process a smooth success.

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