4 HR Trends to Know Before Hiring in 2018

Vinita Venkatesh
| Vinita Venkatesh
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4 Trends to Know Before Hiring in 2018

New year, new hires. The industry is at a turning point with new trends emerging that have the potential to disrupt the recruitment industry in a major way. Prepare for these top four trends that will change the way you hire in 2018.

The rise of artificial intelligence

“Artificial intelligence” as a buzzword has been circulating for some time, but it’s more than just talk. Adoption of artificial intelligence and recruitment automation is accelerating dramatically. According to the 2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends report, almost half of survey participants said their organizations are already deeply involved in projects utilizing AI. 24 percent are using AI to perform routine tasks, while 16 percent are augmenting human skills. While use cases are plentiful across the recruitment life cycle, talent acquisition professionals agree that earlier in the funnel seems to be the most advantageous. This allows the automation of mundane, time-consuming tasks that could potentially lead to the loss of a great candidate.


The headlines might make you think AI is taking over, and taking jobs. That’s not the case. In fact, only 14% of talent acquisition professionals are concerned that AI will take their job away. Investments in AI-powered recruitment software consequently lead to investments in enhancing the human component of the hiring process. Each organization has their own unique use case for how AI can be applied to accomplish a specific business goal. Employers must provide transparency and education around how the technology will impact day-to-day work lives prior to implementation.

Upskilling HR

“There’s never been a better time to be in HR, but the demands are high—we need to reskill ourselves,” says HR veteran Eva Sage-Gavin, senior managing director of Accenture’s talent and organization practice (and HRE’s HR Leadership columnist).

The role of HR has and will continue to evolve. The norm was HR thinking about how to nurture talent, but now HR teams are figuring out how to stay in the know with the latest developments. Things are rapidly changing by way of the technology we use, the legislation we comply with and more. There is a shift to become educated around the new technological advancements that HR professionals will (or should) be implementing in the year ahead.

Let’s use the topic of AI for HR as an example. Deloitte found a “readiness gap” specifically on the topic of AI for recruiting. While 72 percent of HR executives saw AI as an important area, only 31 percent feel ready to address it. The solution? Education. This will require a blend of top-down initiatives to upskill HR and contribute to employee’s professional development and sheer willingness to learn from the bottom up. In the world of HR, you’re forever a student no matter what level of seniority.


Diversity in hiring

Chatter about diversity and inclusion has existed amongst Silicon Valley, but the conversation is expanding from global enterprises to mid-market and small businesses everywhere. Studies have shown that a more diverse workforce can lead to increased productivity, innovation and employee engagement. According to the 2018 LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report:

  • 78% of businesses want to focus on diversity to improve culture
  • 62% are seeking to improve company performance
  • 49% would like to better represent their customer base

And the conversation doesn’t stop there. As the public starts to take note of companies lacking diversity, naturally the question of why arises. Discussions regarding diversity in hiring have exposed the biases that exist in the hiring process along with opportunity areas for new HR tech.

People analytics

Recruiting has and will always be about the people. Nowadays, it’s also about the numbers. There is an emphasis on measurement, data analysis and ROI to make better informed business decisions and spot process inefficiencies. Employers want to dive deeper and find insights that would be beneficial, and most importantly, actionable for HR teams.

The ability to interpret data and spot trends will be critical to any HR role, and the future of successful hiring. How is the influx of data being used in talent acquisition specifically?

Top Uses For Data In Talent Acquisition

It’s going to be a big year for HR, and HR technology. Make sure your business is ahead of the curve.

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