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| Ameya Deshmukh
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Can you create a careers page as great as Airbnb, Pinterest, Netflix, PepsiCo, or L’Oreal’s careers pages? To build an effective careers page you’ll need to, adapt to the new workforce, follow best practices for hiring millennials, and feature your culture more prominently on your site. Here are career page examples to inspire you.

In this article:

  1.  Airbnb
  2. Pinterest
  3. Netflix
  4. PepsiCo
  5. L’Oreal

1. Airbnb is adapted to the changing workforce demographics

3 forces are changing the nature of the global workforce.

  1. The gig economy
  2. Globalization
  3. Millennials

Airbnb has adapted its career page to address these forces.

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The gig economy

24% of Americans participate in the gig economy and the gig economy is a primary source of income for 44% of gig workers.

Notice in Airbnb’s career page example, the navigation bar. They have a separate section for contract/freelance work.


Companies see global perspectives, diversity, and creativity as top assets of global teams.

Notice the popup next to Airbnb’s image.

Airbnb calls out that they have 336 roles in 57 locations.


63% of millennials say the primary purpose of business should be to improve society.

Millennials crave work that gives them a sense of purpose.

They’re even willing to take a pay cut to get it.

Notice Airbnb’s body copy. It’s all about their mission.

Looking for some more career page examples that address the changing workforce?

Explore Airbnb’s careers page 

2. Pinterest proves their commitment to diversity and inclusion

Inclusivity & Diversity 

Pinterest opens with the line “Bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love.”

This theme of inclusivity continues throughout the website.

Notice their navigation bar. They have an entire page dedicated to Inclusion and Diversity.


Diversity Recruiting 

Pinterest exemplifies the concept of workplace transparency.

Their recruiting team is transparent about their diversity initiatives.

They publish regular blog updates on the results and state of their diversity efforts.


Inclusion in the product 

Their engineering team is transparent about their D&I work inside Pinterest’s Products.

They’ve documented and told the story of how they made Pinterest’s search feature more inclusive.

Pinterest says their goal is to bring everyone inspiration.

And they prove they mean it to candidates by being transparent.


Employee story videos

70% of job seekers spend up to an hour researching a company online before applying.

74% of internet traffic in 2019 is to video content.

Pinterest uses it’s employees as advocates. They use actual employees in their videos.

They even shoot some of their clips inside their employees’ homes.

Employee story videos like this one feel authentic and build trust with candidates.


Looking for a career page example that does a great job at being transparent about D&I?

Peruse Pinterest’s careers page


3. Netflix has amazing career page videos

Netflix’s career page at first doesn’t seem like anything special.

And it’s not. But Netflix’s strength isn’t in its copy or imagery.

It’s in their videos and their career page videos are amazing.


Diversity & Inclusion

Netflix shares the perspectives of their own employees. It gives them space to convey emotions around the challenges they faced.

This video features Netflix employees of different genders, sexual orientations, races, languages, and even countries.

It shows a Netflix culture that is truly inclusive.

Their culture couldn’t have been this inclusive unless it was intentional.



Netflix has offices all over the world. Connecting with candidates in one country is difficult enough.

Netflix showcases its employees again and celebrates their differences. The video starts with customer service call center greetings spoken in multiple languages and accents.

You then get to meet Netflix customer service employees from many different countries.

With this video, Netflix shows global employees that it values them as much as it does its US employees.

It also shows global employees that Netflix isn’t an “American company” it’s a company for the world. It hires people from all over the world and values them.


Employee advocacy above and beyond 

The WeAreNetflix Podcast features Netflix employees talking about work and life at Netflix.

It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. The podcast even has it’s own social media pages.

Tinder, Microsoft, Nike, Slack, and even Goldman Sachs have podcasts.

It’s an interesting way to humanize your employer brand and to connect with candidates.


Looking to get inspired by a careers page that has amazing video content?

Binge-watch the videos on Netflix’s careers page 


4. PepsiCo’s career page keeps things fun, bold, and global


PepsiCo uses bold colors, fun imagery, and punchy copy to give an energetic and exciting feel to their careers website.

These design elements give visitors the sense that working at PepsiCo would be an engaging experience.

The copy “YOUR TALENT. OUR STAGE.” quickly conveys that PepsiCo invests in and cares about its employees.


Exciting copywriting 

“At PepsiCo, you get the best of both worlds: an entrepreneur’s mindset plus reach and resources. Our collaborative culture and worldwide presence generate a stream of new opportunities to define the future and propel your life’s work. Bring your unique perspective. Bring curiosity. Bring ingenuity and drive. We’ll give you a platform to be daring on a global scale.”

“Go just about anywhere and you’ll find us. We’re on every continent, infused in the daily lives of billions. At PepsiCo, you’ll be at the center of excitement, shaping global trends like nowhere else. This is where business connects with culture. We work with artists, musicians, entertainers, and influencers to create the future of consumer experiences. Let’s work together and make ideas that ripple in every corner of the world.”

PepsiCo’s employer value proposition is clear. Join PepsiCo and bring your creative ideas to life, impact billions of people around the world, and work on exciting things. I’m getting excited about Pepsi as an employer just reading this myself – how about you?

Just like PepsiCo, your career website copy should excite candidates.


Global focus

PepsiCo hires in all corners of the world. They’ve dedicated a large hero section on their site to that.

Consider bold large navigation elements like this to help candidates find their way around your careers page.


Global personalization

I clicked into the “Greater China Region” section. PepsiCo’s created career landing pages for each of their regions.

This is really smart. In the China version of Pepsi’s careers page, they use photos of Chinese employees.

They also show their Chinese product lines in the “your passion our products section.”

In the awards section, they show Chinese employer awards.

Finally, they have a standard applicant help page with helpful tips for global applicants on resume writing.

Small details like these take your careers page from good to great.


Are you trying to better support global recruiting initiatives with your careers page?

Crack open a cold can of cool global careers page inspiration with PepsiCo


5. L’Oreal covers every base and hits a home run with their career page


L’Oreal does it all on their careers page. Their careers page is more of a careers site – it has it’s own primary navigation bar!

Optimized information hierarchy

L’Oreal’s navigation bar presents candidates with information in normal language. The category headers who we are, who you can be, what we offer, and how you can join make it easy for candidates to navigate L’Oreal’s careers site.

Who we are: Our mission, ethics, diversity, our culture, our people

Who you can be: 10 reasons to choose us, career areas, grads interns, locations

What we offer: grow with us, how we care, do good feel good, work around the world

How you can join: 3 steps to apply, coach center, L’Oreal on campus, FAQ


Covering all bases

L’Oreal doesn’t leave a single base uncovered. Diversity page with statistics? Check.

Information about culture and employee stories? Double-check. Engaging employee videos, and stories, personalized experiences, job recommendations, candidate support, transparent hiring process…candidates can find everything they are looking for on L’Oreals careers site.

If you had to pick one of the career page examples to get inspired by on this list – pick L’Oreal’s.

Want to keep your research simple and just look at 1 of the 5 career page examples?

All you have to do is focus on your candidates, tell your story well, and make your website navigable. Each of our career page examples created high engaging experiences for their visitors by using videos. To stand out even more, consider adopting a Conversational AI career site chatbot. If you need some more guidance on the best practices behind building a world-class career page check out these 23 careers page best practices. 

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