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5 Use Cases of AI for Staffing Companies

| Ameya Deshmukh
Staffing Blog

In 2019 Josh Bersin took the stage and said, “In the 25 years I’ve been an analyst, I’ve witnessed many transformative changes. I believe AI will be the most impactful one yet.” 7 out of the top 8 largest staffing companies in the world agreed. They’re all using conversational AI for staffing.

The Benefits of AI for Staffing

AI can help your staffing agency to build a bigger & faster talent pipeline and it can even 4x your current placement rate. It makes recruiting teams more effective and improves the candidate experience. It can also transform how you source, recruit, and place contract workers and deskless candidates.

It’s straightforward to implement and scale to global site deployments and it can integrate with your ATS. There’s a lot you can gain from adopting artificial intelligence.

If you’re wondering:

What does AI actually do? What areas can AI impact at my staffing company?

How can AI create talent pipeline, save time, and make my hiring teams more efficient?

You’re reading the right article.

Here are the 5 use cases of AI for staffing:

  1. Passive candidate sourcing and reactivation
  2. Recruitment process automation
  3. Candidate screening and shortlisting
  4. Interview scheduling and coordination
  5. Mobility and redeployment

Passive Candidate Sourcing and Reactivation Through AI for Staffing

Many of the world’s largest staffing companies are using conversational AI staffing technology for sourcing passive candidates. 

Like them, you’ve got millions of passive candidates in your database, but many have out of date information and are unengaged. Engaging them all is an impossible task for your recruiting teams. AI can help by scaling your recruiting outreach. 

Conversational AI can reactivate profiles within your database and attract best-fit candidates to your open roles. 

For example, a large engineering and technical staffing firm used conversational AI for staffing to engage a segment of their passive candidate database to source for a specific role.

They used Mya to reach out to 13,700 candidates. Mya refreshed 90% of candidate record information and reactivated 14.5% of the audience into active candidates. 

Using conversational AI to outreach to and update your passive database is a great way to build a talent pipeline for any of your open roles.  

Recruitment Process Automation

On average, when a candidate applies through your website it takes recruiting teams 7-10 days to reach out and engage. With Mya Recruit, you can bring this number down into seconds. Mya Recruit gets you to qualified candidates faster than your competitors.

It places CAI directly in the apply path. After an application is filled, CAI engages your candidate through either text message, a webchat, or even email. Using CAI RPA is highly effective.

When Mya was deployed for a large global staffing agency, 89.3% of candidates who started screening conversations completed them. Using conversational AI for staffing, in an RPA capacity, can significantly increase the yield and placement rate you create from inbound applicants.

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting 

80% of recruiters report they don’t have enough time in the day for important activities like meeting with hiring managers and as much as 75% of recruiter time can be spent on sourcing, screening, and coordination. Analysis from Bullhorn projected that not automating and following inefficient manual processes is costing staffing companies as much as $14,950 per recruiter every year. 

Regardless of where they come in from, your careers site, text-to-apply, recruitment marketing, job boards, or an outreach to your passive candidate database conversational AI can instantly engage your applicants. During the screening conversation, AI for staffing qualifies the candidate, assesses eligibility, and answers questions candidates have about the role. It can also deliver a ranked shortlist directly to your recruiters. 

Using Mya for screening and shortlisting has produced as much as a 144% increase in recruiter productivity. Using AI resume screening, sourcing automation, and AI for coordination tasks enables agency recruiters to focus on higher-value activities like building relationships with hiring managers. 

Angie College AI for Staffing Quote

Interview Scheduling & Coordination 

In a study of 200 talent acquisition professionals in the staffing space, 60% of recruiters reported that they regularly lost candidates before they were able to schedule an interview. 

Losing candidates at such a critical point just due to frustration around the time and effort it takes to schedule an interview is an easy problem to fix. Conversational AI for staffing manages all interview scheduling and coordination for recruiting teams. After it’s completed a screening conversation, AI moves qualified candidates onto scheduling times for their interview. It even connects directly with your recruiter’s calendars and creates appointments. 

Sometimes candidates need to reschedule. Conversational AI can manage that too. All candidates have to do is text into the AI and it takes care of everything else on the back end. It’s a completely hands-off approach to interview scheduling for recruiting teams. 

AI doesn’t stop there. It also assists with coordination. The day before the interview CAI sends over directions to the interview location, can answer questions about attire, and reminds the candidate of what to expect. It’s literally like hiring an assistant for every single one of your recruiters that never makes a mistake, is always on, and that can help 1 or 100,000 candidates at the same time.

By deploying Mya hiring teams have been able to create a 79% reduction in time-to-interview. You’ll lose fewer candidates if you use conversational AI. 

Mobility and Redeployment 

AI can open up a dialogue with every contract candidate you’ve placed at a certain time before their contract expires. It’ll help them find their next position by seeing what they’re interested in doing next and matching them to open opportunities your staffing agency is filling. 

What’s really interesting is you can use ATS integrations to trigger the AI automatically based on state changes to the candidate’s profile. For example, if your recruiting operations team has the candidate status change to “contract to expire” in your ATS, conversational AI will automatically deploy and engage that candidate in a mobility and redeployment conversation. 

Reducing downtime between contracts is one way Mya creates a 2.5x increase in funnel conversion for our staffing customers. The faster you can move candidates through the recruiting process the more placements you’ll make. 

Transform your Staffing Agency with Conversational AI for Staffing 

Many of the world’s largest global staffing agencies are using conversational AI for staffing to improve placement rate, recruiting efficiency, and candidate experience. In fact, Mya customers are finding that their placement rate is 4x higher after they’ve adopted and scaled conversational AI. 

Not only is AI a great solution for making recruiting teams more effective, but it is loved by candidates as well.

AI is also a great solution for engaging and recruiting deskless workers and can help you to better engage the millennial workforce. Besides the use cases of AI, there are many business reasons for adopting AI for staffing such as building a strong competitive advantage and positioning your staffing company as an innovator. AI can even help you to grow your staffing company by making your processes more efficient.

If you’re already aware of the benefits and use cases of AI, but you’re concerned about the challenges of implementing AI for recruiting it may help you to know recruiting AI is fairly simple to implement and scale. Our staffing customers have already successfully scaled Mya to over 300 global site deployments.

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