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How to use Automation and AI to Enhance the Candidate Experience

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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest days (if not the biggest day) in the NFL. Teams work all season for the chance to play on the national stage while people all over the world tune in to watch some of the best athletes compete for the championship ring. 

What often goes unseen is the work and dedication put in during the season and within the off-season to prepare for the big day. Teams spend countless hours in practice running drills, and coaches spend weeks pouring over statistics and game footage to make informed decisions on the roster and draft.

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In recent years, the NFL has begun to embrace the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to streamline its processes and create a more efficient and strategic operation. Just as your favorite football team uses AI to support their different functions, your organization can use AI to create a more productive, engaged, and loyal workforce. 

Below we break down three ways in which AI in the NFL applies to your work.

1. AI Saves You Time

Every great sports team knows the importance of reviewing game footage, but how do athletes and coaches have the time to pour over hours and hours of gameplay to find the key highlights? The short answer — they don’t. 

Artificial Intelligence is all about streamlining your processes and reducing the amount of time wasted on time-consuming or repetitive tasks. AI also helps your favorite teams to fine-tune their strategies and capitalize on opportunities for growth within their teams. As sports analysts update player statistics, discuss career highlights and rank the skills of NFL athletes, the data they use is often being gathered and organized using AI.

To put it simply, AI reduces the amount of time that players and coaches spend crunching numbers and reviewing material, offering them more time to practice and work on refining their skills.

Like on the football field, AI is incredibly useful in creating a more efficient and insightful workplace. Conversational AI takes away the stress of candidate interactions, helps you sort and rank applications, and ensures a speedy and positive candidate experience. The efficiency that comes from implementing an AI system to collect and sort your data, especially in time-consuming industries such as recruiting, means your team has more time to develop their professional skills and act as a strategic thinker.

2. AI Helps You Make Game-Time Decisions

Great NFL coaches have one thing in common — they use their surroundings and the information at hand to make informed and strategic decisions. The key lies in finding the right data to use when you make your choices. One way NFL teams are reducing uncertainty in their choices is through using AI. AI enables coaches to make real-time decisions in-game regarding calling plays. More broadly, AI helps coaches decide which players to extend offers to, how large an offer to provide, which players should be your starting line, and even predicting how long it will take for someone to recover from an injury.

@MyaSystems breaks down how the NFL uses #AI to make game-time decisions. See how you can leverage artificial intelligence within your workplace to create a more positive #CandidateExperience: Click To Tweet

AI can be used in the same capacity within your organization.

Leaders can leverage the data collected through AI to make strategic decisions regarding hiring, succession planning, and organizational goal setting. Within the talent acquisition and recruiting sphere, AI can help your hiring managers to rank candidates before they even interview for a role. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your applicants allows recruiters more space to identify the likelihood of cultural fit within your organization. This will help to create a more positive candidate experience and increase the quality of hire.

3. AI Supports Your Whole Team

To compare, your favorite football team operates like a business. The different positions work as your departments, and the team is only strong when each function works together to support one another. Without open communication and trust, the foundation of your team crumbles. The best teams in the league have showcased their ability to work together and overcome obstacles as a unit. How does AI fit in?

AI provides the reliability and security of information that teams need to operate successfully.

Like in football, your organization needs to be supported by tools that help streamline your processes and provide transparent information. When companies lack the necessary information to make informed decisions, they open the door to disruption. AI helps to ensure all members of your team are educated on matters in real-time and helps to create a workflow that feels comfortable within their roles.

Bonus Material: Revamp your hiring plan by embracing a technology-first mindset.

On the candidate side, AI provides a seamless and enjoyable experience when it comes to the application process. Mya creates a reliable and efficient outreach process and helps to keep your candidates informed on their status in your hiring pipeline. 

In the NFL, top prospects want to be drafted by teams with strong, reliable processes and a history of success. The same goes for the talent you recruit. In order to recruit and retain higher quality candidates, you need to ensure you are providing the best candidate experience and the tools they need to succeed in their roles. AI helps reduce clutter within your talent pipeline by streamlining communication and storing and organizing your hiring data. With a conversational AI like Mya, hiring managers can ensure they stay on top of communication with potential candidates and spend less time on small time-consuming tasks. 

Are you interested in enhancing your candidate experience? Mya can help! With our conversational AI, leaders can spend more time working in a strategic capacity. To see Mya in action, reach out to one of our experts or sign up for a free demo today.

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