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Building Better with a Tech-Minded Focus

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Future of Work
man using talent technologies to build better in the new year

Building better is the term on everyone’s lips these days, and recruitment is no exception. Talent acquisition has taken a beating over the last 12 months, and the instability will continue for the foreseeable future. A tech-minded focus is part of nearly all TA Professionals’ lists for 2021.

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In the best of times, recruiting is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, meaning we have to separate the most qualified candidates from the applicants doing their own version of spray and pray. The last time a wave of automation hit the recruiting industry was arguably the beginning of the spray and pray method for both recruiters and candidates. It was simply too easy to post jobs and apply for them.

So taking those two things into consideration, our current chaotic recruitment situation and our current exposure to more powerful technology that makes our ability to sift through more applicants than ever before, faster than ever before, the question is: How do we build better in 2021?

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How do we scale the right way and use automation and AI in recruitment to build back better than before? To answer this question, we must tackle some of the issues facing us point by point.

Recruitment Issue: Lots of Individuals Competing for Fewer Roles

How a Tech-Minded Recruitment Focus Can Help: AI-powered software like Mya can help analyze candidate conversations, before or after application and consideration (whether the candidate is sourced or active) and through engaging conversation interpret whether they are open to new roles and opportunities. Additionally, AI-powered recruitment software can help find the appropriate roles for candidates, further leveraging employer brand and sourcing spend.

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#Socialmedia profiles, public data, & their LinkedIn profile can indicate if a candidate might be open to speaking with a recruiter. Let @MyaSystems tackle these metrics for you and make your #recruiting process easier. Click To Tweet

Recruitment Issue: Fewer Recruiters to Work on Reqs

How a Tech-Minded Recruitment Focus Can Help: Most people working in Talent Acquisition in the past year have watched the size of their team scale up and down and even watched some positions eliminated. The use of an AI-driven chatbot and scheduler often can replace portions of what recruiting administrators were tasked with. Tasks that can be easily automated are not necessarily less important, but during a time when a team is stretched thin, building better may include adding in automation and AI to make the process more efficient. As talent lands on your career site, Mya Engage ensures they can get the answers they need to find the right jobs for them, no matter the time of day. Through dynamic conversations, rather than multiple-choice auto-responses, Mya answers FAQs to progress talent through the application process smoothly.

You can automate:

  • Scheduling and coordinating interviews
  • Booking screens
  • Answering questions about open reqs and general FAQ
  • Compensation and job requirement queries
  • Updating candidate profile information
  • Candidate matching and follow-up
  • …and more

Recruitment Issue: Recruiters Struggle with Limited Time to Assess

How a Tech-Minded Recruitment Focus Can Help: Enter technology that can glean valuable insights from candidate conversations, and take on the initial pre-qualification of candidates. If a recruiter can save time screening out candidates who are less likely to accept a job or get a better idea of what roles they might be interested in, imagine how much time they would have back in their day. While it doesn’t put assessment and screening on autopilot, it does give the Talent Acquisition professional the ability to prioritize and do tasks with a higher ROI. A great example of simple automation in assessment is using an AI-enabled ATS to scan through resumes for keywords or phrases, an activity now widely practiced by even junior recruiters.

DYK? Mya Recruit improves the efficiency, speed, and applicant to hire conversion on every hiring path. Here’s how:

  • By identifying best-fit candidates and schedules them for interviews
  • By supporting various apply paths: message to apply, career site/job board, Facebook, etc.
  • By engaging applicants via SMS, web chat, or Facebook Messenger

Recruitment Issue: Candidate Experience is Still Important, but Recruiters Can’t Always Find Time

How a Tech-Minded Recruitment Focus Can Help: We all agree that candidate experience is important, but when budgets and people’s power are tight, it can feel like more of a nice-to-have than an absolute must. Unless you’re interested in digging your company out of an employer branding hole, keeping up with CX isn’t optional. AI-powered chatbots such as conversational AI don’t ever sleep. In a world of global recruitment, busy schedules, and the added element of working remotely, candidates often job seek and apply during off-business hours. Chatbots can help guide candidates through the process, take on initial screenings to pre-qualify, answer questions about compensation or benefits, and even steer less candidates to more appropriate roles to help keep talent pipelines filled.

DYK? @MyaSystems can perform outreach campaigns to existing #passivecandidates, update their candidate profile data, change candidate status within the ATS, and convert them into active and interview-ready candidates. Click To Tweet

Bias is another area where AI can help by:

  • Removing unintentional human bias from the hiring process
  • Offering a unified process to all applicants
  • Offering an objective assessment based on true job requirements rather than gut feel
  • Allowing transparency into the process


While there are many ways we can use AI and automation to “build better” this year, there are some things AI simply cannot replace. For example, a keyword automation may find the perfect candidate according to keywords or phrases on their resume but may miss one that continually changes jobs. On the other hand, an AI bot may eliminate a candidate for less experience without recognizing job gaps for school or family concerns. There will always be things that only a human mind can detect or gauge.

The impact of AI on building better with a tech-minded focus will be on freeing up recruiters, and Talent Acquisition pros to be more strategic, work smarter, and create opportunities to further perfect their craft. Here are the questions any TA leader needs to answer when measuring the performance of their Recruitment AI investment:

  • Is it building a pipeline for future openings?
  • Is it authentically engaging with talent?
  • Are candidates satisfied with the interactions?
  • How many hours is it saving your team now and in the future?
  • Is it saving you the time and cost of making a bad hire?
  • Is it helping to build a more diverse team by eliminating unconscious bias?

Through recruitment, passive candidate outreach, and engagement, with a tech-minded focus, recruiters get their time back, build a robust talent pipeline for current and future openings, and maintain a conversational experience through candidate engagement.

woman looking at talent technologies to build back better

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