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Career Site Engagement: Answer FAQs, Surface Jobs, and Convert Visitors with Conversational AI

| Ameya Deshmukh
Career Site Engagement, Candidate Experience
Mya clients upgrading their career site with CSE

Are you giving your career site the attention it deserves? Consider this: Despite the resumes that end up on your desk, 100,000 to 500,000 candidates visit your career site each month. But, you likely convert less than 10% of them into potential applicants. The addition of the right tech, for example Conversational AI, can convert more site visitors into applicants and talent pools.

From a candidate’s perspective, most career sites are overwhelming, uninformative, and even intimidating. But, instead of a full redesign or just guessing what candidates want to see, Mya Engage can help potential applicants by guiding them to relevant jobs that fit what they’re looking for, with your company’s needs in mind. It answers their burning questions in real-time and provides them with personalized job alerts.

CAI is the Difference

A standard career site chatbot is an improvement to the outdated job sites many candidates are used to, but the limitations are clear. Career site chatbots base their conversations on multiple-choice questions and answers or keyword recognition, which creates a less engaging, robotic, and transactional experience.

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Conversational AI is the difference in Mya Engage. It’s the fastest and easiest way to improve conversion and candidate experience on your career site — with a focus on natural, human-like conversations with candidates.

How it’s done:

  • Implementation is as simple as install, manage, and use. We provide a small piece of code, you paste it into the backend of your website, and Mya starts to engage visitors.
  • Mya Engage packages our conversational AI recruiting assistant into a chat bubble and places it on your website.
  • Through chat, Mya supports your site visitors by answering FAQs, directs them to jobs that match their interests, and subscribes them to relevant job alerts.

Surely, a Chatbot of Any Kind Can’t Satisfy Candidates

Can a chatbot improve candidate experience? Consider that the average job-seeker peruses job sites in their off-time, which is likely the same off-time as you — in the evening after their 9-5. As candidates jump from job site to job site in their off time, they want answers fast.

Waiting until you’re back in the office in the morning isn’t conducive to their candidate experience. Mya Engage makes sure your career site visitors get their questions answered quickly. And, today’s job seekers are on board with chatbots overall!

A look at the numbers:

  • 86% of people say they’d rather interact with a chatbot than an online form.
  • A survey of 450 companies found 59% of employers with 10,000 workers or more are using a chatbot on their career site.
  • 71% of organizations using conversational AI report strong improvements to candidate experience measures but over half of companies using basic career site chatbots report little to no change in candidate experience measures.

A Look at the Benefits

Feeling uncertain about the candidate experience conversational AI will create on your specific page? Mya Engage uses our proprietary conversational AI platform, building the most robust conversational experience in the industry. If candidate experience is your top priority, you can’t go wrong using conversational AI, as it creates the best possible experience overall. Let’s look at the benefits from each angle:

FAQs Done Efficiently

Candidates come to your career site with questions. But the answers are likely missing or buried in job descriptions. There’s a lot of ‘what ifs’ in the mind of a candidate. What if I ask the recruiter this question, will they get this impression? In situations like this, 69% of candidates report they’d rather interact with a chatbot than a person if they want instant answers. The candidate can then decide if they want to further their application with instant answers, knowing their immediate questions won’t be held against them in the decision-making process.

More Applicants

Generating applicants is becoming more and more expensive. Getting a single applicant today costs 60% more than it did in January. Mya Engage surfaces the right job to the right candidate at the right time. In turn, you end up with more applicants and, specifically, more relevant applicants to your open positions, reducing your overall recruiting costs.

More Candidates

Some of the visitors that land on your career site aren’t quite ready to apply. They’re looking at their options and browsing for more information, but could turn into applicants later. Even at this stage in their job search, you should be engaging and building a relationship with them. If you aren’t engaging at this stage, you’re simply hoping that the impression your site gave them was enough to bring them back on their own. Mya engages them at these early stages and helps them find relevant information in their search. It then collects initial profile data and can even subscribe them to relevant text message job alerts. With this early stage process, Mya Engage builds your talent pipeline of candidates.

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Already Have a Plan?

You likely already have a recruitment marketing strategy, or a website design focused on converting your career site visitors. To get the same results covered above, you would need significant investments in your career site design, development, and content creation. The thing is, Mya Engage is easier and more cost-effective than embarking on a similar career site overhaul.

#Recruiters convert less than 10% of their #careersite visitors into potential applicants. The addition of the right tech, like a Conversational AI, can help. Read more from @MyaSystems: Click To Tweet

Using a live chat widget is another popular alternative that you’ve probably seen on websites varying from eCommerce, field services, and everything in-between. But hiring and maintaining a team to manage your live chat would be prohibitively expensive. A human chat operator could also introduce errors in data entry and profile data capture. Unlike agent-managed live chat widgets, Mya Engage operates 27/7 and never makes data entry mistakes. It infinitely scales, which makes it so much more affordable.

Maybe you have your eye on a simple FAQ bot for basic candidate questions. This could be helpful for the simpler, repetitive questions you’re used to, but you’d miss the opportunity to increase applicants and create a talent pipeline. Plus, our conversational AI platform provides you with plenty of room to grow your AI strategy’s maturity over time.

Maybe you’re considering a standard chatbot because any form of AI would be an improvement on what you currently have. If you consider candidate experience as your top priority in your tech upgrade, know that it has always been Mya’s top priority as well. When you choose Mya Engage, you’re doing more than improving your career site performance. You’re taking the first step toward transforming your candidate experience and unlocking millions of dollars of savings by harnessing our conversational AI platform’s capabilities.

Mya Engage can be your quick and easy first step toward a future where you turn candidate experience into your company’s competitive advantage.

Your Competitive Advantage

Mya Engage is the perfect way for your company to get starting with using a conversational AI platform for recruiting. Our platform can be your single point solution for automating recruiting workflows, engaging candidates, and transforming candidate experience. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Mya Engage as a risk-free, quick and easy way to try out conversational AI, schedule a time to talk with our team. We’ll teach you the right AI-powered recruiting strategies guaranteed to predictably shorten time to hire, immediately drive down costs, and quickly improve the performance of your entire recruiting organization.

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