Career Site Chatbots vs Conversational AI: What to Choose

Mya clients deciding between career site chatbots

Many of the companies that are using AI in recruiting, choose to start by placing AI on their career sites. Using AI to engage visitors on your career site is a smart move in the current market. Cost per applicant is up 35% since the start of the year, time to hire has increased by 200-300%, and career site application rates are down 60%. But what sort of career site AI should you choose? Should you use a career site chatbot? A recruiting chatbot? Build your own chatbot?

You might be considering using a career site chatbot or even building your own chatbot. But are you aware of the risks that building your own chatbot or using basic career site chatbots can expose you to? Also, have you considered using conversational AI career site engagement instead?

This article compares and contrasts the risks and rewards of Conversational AI, Career site Chatbots, and Build Your Own Chatbots. We compare them on 4 factors.

  1. How much will it improve your candidate experience?
  2. Does it protect you or does it expose you to Unconscious Bias in hiring?
  3. Does it have all the features you’d need to be successful?
  4. Is it a good long term solution with options for you to develop a more sophisticated AI strategy?


Build-Your-Own Chatbots

Risky Candidate Experience

Some may be interested in making their own bot. However, these solutions are entirely unproven to be successful in the HR and recruiting space. Lack of any sort of conversation design guidelines creates risks with unconscious bias and a negative candidate experience. They cannot offer the same features as Mya Engage like FAQs, job search, job alert over text, or email. They also place a strong financial and resource burden on your company in terms of building, implementing, analyzing, and improving conversation performance.

High Risk of Unconscious Bias

There are no guidelines in place for the build-your-own users to account for conversation design. Lack of recruiting industry focus means that build-your-own chatbot’s AI algorithms have not been built with diversity and inclusion in mind. Machine learning models used to train the build-your-own chatbots will not have the right AI Governance Process in place and may already be biased and could become biased at any point.

Lack of oversight in these vendors means that the responsibility to protect yourself will fall on you — and it will be impossible to keep in check without access to production level data, which vendors will likely not provide. Using these solutions puts you at serious risk of contaminating your process with unconscious bias.

Challenging Implementation and Deployment

Build-your-own chatbots require you to create the entire decision tree for them. You’ll have to manually program in each FAQ and the navigation between one FAQ to another. It’s easy to get this process wrong and create a chatbot with an unusable and frustrating experience for potential talent. Build-your-own chatbots have no job search features. With thousands of open positions, it’ll be impossible to use them to support all of your jobs, and the chatbot chode will have to be manually updated by your team in real-time as jobs open, close, and URLs change. If this isn’t kept up with, candidates will end up clicking on job posts just to be sent to a broken link or dead-end — leaving frustrated.

With these bots, you’ll have to create the question logic for job search interest yourself, requiring the categorization and tagging of all your jobs with attributes, then connecting those to job search questions and responses. This challenge will make job search impossible for you to do with your build-your-own bot.

Impossible to Integrate and Scale into Additional Use Cases

You will have to create every conversation flow imaginable for a build-your-own chatbot to be used in other use cases like screening, scheduling, outreach, and sourcing. Because these platforms are not recruiting-specific, your chatbot will not be able to integrate with your ATS or CRM. If webhooks or APIs are available, the integration will be extremely costly and time-consuming, assuming the build-your-own chatbot vendor even enables the capabilities you are looking for in an integration.

Career Site Chatbots

Mediocre Candidate Experience

Career site chatbots base their conversations on multiple-choice or keyword recognition, which creates a less engaging, robotic, and transactional experience. Of companies using multiple-choice or keyword recognition bots, 50% reported that they had neutral or no impact on candidate experience measures. So, what’s the point?

Limited Protection Against Unconscious Bias

Career Site Chatbots are not backed by a conversation design team, conversation cloud, or conversation design services. Interpretations of words, word usage, and question phrasing and intent can all cause unconscious bias to enter your hiring, negatively impacting your diversity and inclusion efforts. Put simply, using AI or automation that doesn’t emphasize conversation design is risky.

A Solution with Gaps that Prevent Scale

Career Site Bots don’t have job matching capabilities; they only show open positions. These systems cannot be automatically informed about open jobs through XML or RSS and require manual human input. They come with limited customizable FAQs and can not actually answer them. What they can do, is direct visitors to web pages where you have the answers they need. These menu-based FAQ experiences make it impossible for these solutions to answer more than 10 FAQs without creating an overwhelming list of 40 buttons in the chat window.

Rarely a Part of a Comprehensive AI Recruiting Platform

These chatbots are often add-ons to solutions that are otherwise primarily driven by recruiter actions. This will create problems for you and your team if you try to use additional recruiting AI or automation in the future. It will also do little to create efficiency and improve your candidate experience.

Furthermore, as the AI component of these solutions is not the main focus of their platform, your chatbot will not become more sophisticated over time as enhancements to other products will be prioritized. A lack of verified partner integrations will create problems if you ever want to integrate your AI with your ATS, CRM, or other components of your recruiting tech stack.

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CAI Career Site Engagement

Candidate Experience

When it comes to candidate experience, Conversational AI is the most advanced AI recruiting assistant on the market to engage site visitors when they land on your career site, surface jobs, and answer FAQs. Mya’s conversational AI creates a better candidate experience by engaging visitors with human-like conversations. Plus, 71% of companies using conversational AI on their career site report a strong improvement to candidate experience as measured by candidate satisfaction surveys.

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Your Best Protection Against Unconscious Bias

Aside from the constant struggle of talent engagement, unconscious bias is a hot-button issue in the talent acquisition world. Conversational AI is your best protection against unconscious bias in the hiring process. With Mya, the conversation design process used our team of linguists to carefully examine and analyze Mya’s questions, understanding, and response. With our Conversation Cloud, you tap into a library of recruiting AI conversion templates covering hundreds of jobs that contain years of Conversation Design optimization to enhance efficiency, experience, and prevent unconscious bias.

Conversation design services mean we customize our Conversation Cloud templates for you, ensuring you are using AI safely. In fact, our company’s mission is to use AI to create equitable access to a world of job opportunities for all. This can’t be done with unconscious bias. Everything we do in our AI development is centered around making sure the increased adoption of recruiting AI in the market will create long and short term positive outcomes in diversity, inclusion, and representation in the workforce. It’s within the building blocks of Mya.

The Best Standalone Solution

Mya Engage comes pre-loaded with 40+ fully customizable FAQs, in case you aren’t sure where to start. It’s compatible with and easy to install into every career site, including custom sites. We provide you with a small piece of code, and you paste it into your career site — completely optimizing your talent hub.

You can keep Mya Engage up-to-date with all of your open positions automatically through RSS or XML feeds. We can either use a feed that you provide a job board or even help you build a feed. You can also keep Mya Engage informed using CSV. No matter your experience level with career sites in the past, we can help you pick up where you’re struggling to make conversions.

The Best Long-Term AI Solution

Mya Engage is just one solution in the Mya Conversational AI platform. Mya Recruit, Mya Outreach, text to apply, multi-language support, omnichannel communications, verified partner ATS integrations, custom integrations, Conversation Cloud, AI Governance, Conversation Design, and much more are available in our Conversational AI platform. Mya Engage gives you the options to grow your use of AI and radically transform your recruiting process with a single point solution and a revamped end-to-end process.

In anticipation of unemployment numbers lowering once the effects of COVID-19 subside, so many organizations are rethinking the value their career site brings to the table and what tech could help with their applicant conversions. AI is a well-known solution, but, turning to a basic bot just won’t cut it. Our Conversational AI Platform, CAI recruiting assistant, and Mya Engage products win on candidate experience, unconscious bias prevention, and as a stand-alone, and singe point long-term AI solution. Learn more about Mya Engage and why it’s the #1 trusted Conversational AI solution for improving the conversion and experience of your career site.

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