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Using Automation to Solve Your Financial Services Recruiting Needs

Like any industry, the financial sector constantly faces new challenges in its quest to source and hire the best talent. With a lack of available talent and increased demand, recruiters in this industry are searching for solutions to better engage, screen, and hire candidates for their crucial roles. Understanding the current market for talent in […]
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Recruiting Within the Industrial Sector: How Mya Can Help

Historically, the industrial sector was known for requiring a solid work ethic and commitment to getting the job done — most other skills needed for the job could be trained. However, as technology advances, the manufacturing industry has faced a need to source candidates with some technical experience.  With an influx of automation, jobs have […]
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How Mya Solves Your Healthcare Recruiting Needs

The healthcare industry has always faced unique challenges when it comes to recruiting and hiring for open positions. With specific requirements regarding compliance and experience, and increased demand for talent, recruiters have felt the need to lean on a supportive and reliable recruiting software solution. Now more than ever, providers need to be creative, agile, […]
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Investing in Your Hiring Success: The True ROI of AI for Recruiting

Traditional recruiting chatbots with their static scripts and rigid workflows have made room for Conversational AI-powered intelligent bots (CAI) to take the industry by storm. It helps make the hiring process feel more human for both recruiters and candidates – even when working in high volume hiring scenarios. In-house recruiting teams and staffing firms alike […]
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Seamless Recruitment Workflows Start with Textkernel and Mya

Increase recruiter efficiency with our new Textkernel partnership. Two organizations — both understanding the value of intelligent automation for staffing firms — working together to save recruiters time and enhance their workflows for both speed and scale. Our new integration with Textkernel marks an exciting opportunity to deliver even more value to Bullhorn customers. A […]
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Leverage a Tech-First Mindset To Tackle Your 2021 Hiring Plan: A Free Guide

Fully maximizing your recruiting budget is a necessity — all while recharging efficiency, so your team has the bandwidth to tackle 2021’s unique hiring challenges. You have strategic goals to meet. That hasn’t changed. What has changed, however, is the world around us. For most hiring teams, the biggest concern as we roll into 2021 […]
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