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Using Conversational AI to Strengthen Your End-to-End Recruitment Strategies

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence

In our modern world, technology has become essential to creating a productive and efficient workplace. Recruiters especially need to find opportunities to embrace new technologies and automate tasks, as the traditional method of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates is quickly becoming too time-consuming. 

For larger organizations with consistent hiring needs, HR departments can swiftly become overrun with documents, scheduling troubles, and essential records to store. End-to-end recruitment software and conversational AI (CAI) provide opportunities for recruiters to get their time back and spend more of their efforts interacting with candidates and acting as strategic thinkers in their roles. But, how do organizations without much experience in AI begin implementing these technologies into their current processes?

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Below we discuss what end-to-end conversational AI software is and how you can implement it within your existing strategies.

What is End-to-End Conversational AI?

Recruiting and hiring candidates can be a long process involving many steps. Each stage of the pipeline is unique in its needs, and recruiters and hiring professionals need to make sure they are supporting all stages of the cycle. End-to-End Conversational AI eases the burden that hiring managers and recruiters face, providing technology and tools to support an efficient hiring process and positive candidate experience. 

With end-to-end recruiting software, every step of the process is integrated and tracked. From the moment you begin to search and source new candidates all the way up until they are on-boarded as a new employee, your conversational AI can nurture applicants through the pipeline. Additionally, an end-to-end recruiting software solution helps eliminate potential bias in your hiring strategies. By removing elements at risk for human bias or error, conversational AI creates a process founded on objectivity. 

Besides providing an excellent candidate experience, a strong end-to-end conversational AI will seamlessly integrate with your existing tools. This allows you access to historical data, archived conversations and will quickly showcase where exactly a candidate is in the hiring process.

The bottom line — an end-to-end CAI provides ease of mind knowing that all stages of your hiring pipeline are operating smoothly and efficiently.

How to Utilize End-to-End Software Platforms

In 2020, the average time to hire for any given company was upwards of 4 weeks. In larger organizations where turnover occurs more frequently, this time can quickly stack up and consume an HR professional’s day. Additionally, recruiters say they spend ⅔ of their time overall interviewing candidates. Finding ways to automate tedious tasks and screen candidates before they interview is essential for hiring and recruitment teams looking to take on a more strategic role. 

With end-to-end recruitment software, hiring managers can take back time in their day. Mya’s conversational AI is capable of supporting your candidates throughout the whole process:

Sourcing candidates. Recruitment AI assists hiring professionals in creating talent pools and screening potential candidates. By staying on top of job postings, engaging and attracting potential applicants, and initiating outreach on career sites, recruiters can ease the burden of driving applicant conversions. Many recruiters say that a large portion of their time is spent trying to schedule interviews. With Mya’s software, the recruiter can automate this process, freeing up space in their days to act in a more strategic function. 

During the talent pipeline. Conversational AI ensures timely and consistent communication with candidates. Providing a more human-like conversation than a typical chatbot, Mya’s AI fosters an informative and enjoyable experience. Additionally, conversational AI stores and archives records for easy access and analytics. This transparency helps hiring managers to keep track of where each applicant is in the pipeline. 

Up to the offer. Even once you’ve found and interviewed the candidate, conversational AI can help you to seal the deal. Our end-to-end recruitment software ensures your applicants are nurtured through the lifecycle, all the way up until they become an employee of your organization. CAI can even follow-up with a candidate when their contract is soon to expire to begin exploring their next opportunity.


How to Choose an End-to-End AI Software

Finding the right end-to-end conversational AI software is vital for the continued success of your company. When it comes to recruitment software, it is not one-size-fits-all. Your organization is unique in your needs, which means your software needs to be customized to work for you. Additionally, your organization needs to find end-to-end recruiting software that works alongside your existing technologies.

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Mya stands above the crowd through our ease of integration and customization, allowing you to coordinate your data collection and processes through both custom and career sites. Users can continuously update job postings, and with 24/7 chat capabilities, you can ensure you connect with candidates regardless of the time of day. 

On the engagement and outreach side, Mya allows full customization of the questions and conversations you automate with candidates. Preloaded with over 40+ FAQs, Mya enables you to take charge of your candidate interactions and create the experience you would like to convey. This cross-platform collaboration creates a centralized strategy.

In today’s employment landscape, the basic chatbot just doesn’t cut it. Recruiters need to find a solution that provides end-to-end recruitment support and creates a personalized and enjoyable candidate experience. Mya’s end-to-end conversational AI provides hiring managers with all the tools they need to attract and recruit highly qualified candidates. To learn more about how our innovative solutions can be leveraged to increase your talent pools, reach out to one of our experts and see Mya in action today!


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