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Diversity and Inclusion: Making Sure 2021 Is the Year of the Change

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bias & Diversity
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2020 was a turbulent year for many, not only in terms of business impact but also in social reform. The spotlight on diversity and inclusion has grown even amid a global pandemic. Still, as vaccines are distributed and companies start returning to the office, the business world needs to ensure diversity initiatives aren’t thrown to the wayside. 

2021 will go down as a year of tremendous growth, and one way to make sure your organization shares the same success as many other companies is by focusing on the cultivation of a diverse team.

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Why Diversity Matters

It’s no secret that diverse companies are more successful than companies that don’t make it a priority. Over 86% of job seekers say workplace diversity is an essential factor when looking for a job, which means making your workplace inclusive can be the difference between closing on a high potential candidate or seeing them hired by a competitor. A focus for 2021 should be to change your culture piece by piece, to eventually show the prospective talent that your organization is inclusive and respects a wide range of opinions. 

Changing your culture to be more inclusive can be done in a few different ways. 

Leaders in the company can take a closer look at company policy to determine whether you’re fair to everyone. This includes offering paid holidays and vacations for all religions and ethnicities. Research shows that holidays and vacations increase work productivity and that exposure to new and different experiences can also foster creative thinking, making employees more efficient down the road. This means leaders should be taking the time to make sure every voice is heard when it comes to planned company holidays so that no demographics are being left out.

Tip: Don’t view giving extra days off as a negative thing. Giving more employees the chance to feel included and giving them that chance to think more outside of the box will provide overwhelmingly positive results across your organization.

How AI Enhances Your Diversity Hiring Strategies

Recruiting practices in the past had a tendency to be incredibly biased, usually due to a human element. While it is impossible to correct human bias in human recruiters, companies today have the luxury of access to AI systems that have demonstrated the ability to identify and correct this bias. A common AI system by itself isn’t going to solve all your diversity problems. 

The introduction of conversational AI (CAI) has given companies a powerful tool to begin the onboarding process with prospective employees and help select the best candidates for each role with less bias. A chatbot powered by CAI can have genuine conversations with candidates, allowing them to express themselves fully. Not only does this go a long way towards making the candidate feel comfortable, but it also provides recruiters with valuable information on the candidate that was collected in an unbiased manner.

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Customizing Your CAI

Another aspect of CAI that offers recruiters more customization is focusing on and improving conversation design. AI is incredibly intuitive, so you need to take advantage of the intelligence and make sure conversations are designed to be as helpful as possible. Recent research from Mckinsey highlights that human judgment is still needed to make fair decisions, and CAI can offer human customization at a base level. 

The same McKinsey research also recommends that you establish processes and practices to test for and mitigate bias in your AI systems. Companies with a keen focus on conversation design have dedicated teams of professional linguists who carefully consider each word used by the AI. This is intended to prevent discriminatory language and phrases that would steer women and minorities away. Similarly, companies can look at outgoing messages to make sure the AI is as inclusive as possible to new candidates.

It’s safe to assume much of the business world is ready to put 2020 behind them. Don’t let your diversity hiring strategies get lost in the noise. Use this growth period to craft a welcoming culture that will strengthen your team for years to come. Whether it’s through new company policies or using ground-breaking technology to your advantage, make sure your focus is on cultivating the best employees available, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. 

Mya can help you with your diversity hiring strategies with our conversational AI, reducing the likelihood of bias in your hiring decisions. To learn more about CAI’s hiring capabilities or see Mya in action, reach out to one of our experts today.

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