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The Dos and Don’ts of Recruitment Automation

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Talent Acquisition, Candidate Experience
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To automate, or not to automate? That is the question recruiters are pondering all over the world. As businesses increasingly adopt a virtual environment, finding ways to digitize the recruitment and onboarding process is something that all hiring and recruiting professionals are focused on achieving.

When it comes to doing business in the 21st century, there is no denying that technology can and should be embraced by companies. However, wading the waters of what parts of your processes do better when they are automated and which ones are negatively impacted can be tricky. When it comes to sourcing and attracting high-quality talent, ensuring you have the right balance of automation and personalization can mean the difference between a great hire and an uncapitalized opportunity.

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Below we run through 3 things you should automate and 3 things you should leave to the humans.

Don’t: Automate the Interview

Remote work has forced traditional tasks to be moved to a virtual format. For many organizations, one process that also moved to the home office was recruiting. While virtual interviews absolutely can — and should — be used, one thing that you should refrain from is pre-recording and automating the interview itself. Pre-recorded interviews might seem like an easy way to conduct first-round interviews and to screen candidates; however, it lacks the personal touch that employees crave in their hiring process. Remember that the experience a candidate has while applying to your organization can have lasting effects on your company’s reputation. Providing an excellent candidate experience will help you attract higher-quality candidates down the road.

Do: Automate Resume Screening

Recruitment professionals know first-hand the overwhelming number of resumes and applications that can come streaming in when you post a job opening. Using automation to help screen resumes will give your hiring managers some much needed time back in their day. Recruitment automation processes allow candidates to be screened more quickly and without the threat of unconscious bias. Automated screening doesn’t just benefit the employer — candidates will see added benefits to the experience. When recruiters use automation in their screening, they rank and filter candidates fairly and equitably, making hiring a game of ability and expertise rather than chance. Plus, automation makes responding to every candidate, and eliminating the application black hole possible.

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Don’t: Automate the Offer

Automating the personal aspects of the hiring pipeline leads to a poor candidate experience and applicants feeling unconnected to the organization. When it comes to offering a position, you should convey these messages with a more personalized touch. Going the extra mile to present the offer in a personable format helps your job offer to stand out above the crowd, which can influence whether top talent chooses to join your organization.

Do: Automate Conversations During the Hiring Pipeline

The talent pipeline is long and can be full of tedious paperwork and back-and-forth conversations. With many tools available to automate these time-consuming tasks, organizations should capitalize on the opportunity to take back some of their time and pass these responsibilities off to secure and supportive tools. Automating the conversations had with potential candidates enables recruiters to view all communications history between any given applicant in one location. Automating communications also streamlines processes and ensures a smooth and effortless experience while applying and scheduling interviews.

Take charge of your hiring strategy by levering technology in your processes.

Fully maximizing your recruiting budget is a necessity — all while recharging efficiency, so your team has the bandwidth to tackle 2021’s unique hiring challenges.

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Don’t: Automate Onboarding Meet-and-Greets

The importance of onboarding to employee retention and engagement cannot be overstated. A stellar onboarding experience offers your new hire a positive first impression of the people within the organization and your team’s culture. While some aspects of onboarding work best when automated (we’ll dive further into this below), one part should stay person-to-person: the team meet-and-greet. Today’s work environment can often feel disconnected with teams working across vast distances and only communicating through technology, which is why it is more important than ever to find opportunities to weave face-to-face conversations into the workday. When new hires join your company, set up a chunk of time in the day for them to meet the team, introduce themselves, and get to know one another. This will help make your employees feel more connected and make your new hire feel like they are a part of the overall team and goals.

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Do: Automate Onboarding Paperwork

88% of companies do a poor job of onboarding, with 58% of their entire process being focused on paperwork. The clutter of these documents is enough to slow down the gears of any functioning team. When it comes to recruitment automation processes, having the support of a digital onboarding tool can lower the amount of time recruiters spend on tedious tasks. If you haven’t invested in an automation tool for parts of your onboarding process, you should consider opting in this year. Solid onboarding automation tools will help recruiters ensure all new hires are compliant and properly equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

Technology continues to play a larger and larger role in our personal and professional lives. As organizations moved to remote work, the need for supportive digital tools significantly increased. The human element will always be crucial – the combination of human expertise plus the right technology equals competitive advantage. Recruitment automation assists organizations with their recruitment, hiring, and retention goals by removing bias in hiring, facilitating tedious or repetitive tasks, and ensuring compliance along each step. Mya offers assistance in recruitment automation through our conversational AI assistant. Users can delegate tedious tasks, leaving more time in their day for meaningful candidate interactions and strategizing.

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