Easy Workplace Diversity Strategies that Boost Team Inclusion

| Ameya Deshmukh
Bias & Diversity
Two employees trying out new diversity recruitment strategies

Diverse companies are frankly more successful. It’s a hot button issue that, when managed successfully, benefits all parties involved. Here are some quick facts:

But the notion that you need to hire those with diverse backgrounds is only the beginning. Profits don’t instantly skyrocket, and outsiders won’t be fawning over your employer brand just because you engaged diverse talent and convinced them to come aboard. You need to nurture the culture around your diversity priorities for good — and this goes far beyond signing those onboarding documents. Adopt these easy strategies to establish a diverse culture in your office:

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Offer targeted Scholarships and Internships

Offering internship opportunities and scholarships to people from underrepresented groups is a powerful way to show current and prospective employees that you value diversity. Lockdown a booth and job fairs and college career fairs to establish your presence. Reach out to local high schools or universities and nurture a relationship with staff to get the word out. The goal is to get your company top-of-mind when top talent looks to grow during their summer vacation or when they’re ready to dive into their first position after graduation.

Reevaluate Your Policies & Benefits

Are your policies fair to everyone? When you view your employee handbook with a diverse lens, you’ll start to see previously ignored biases. With minor changes, you can put inclusion at the forefront of your culture.

Review your handbook and daily interactions with these considerations:

  • Do your company holidays favor certain demographics? Does it include Rosh Hashanah? What about Eid al-Fitr? Diwali?
  • Would trans employees or guests feel welcome using their preferred restroom?
  • Would an employee feel comfortable requesting time for prayer?
  • Does your company take the time to learn employees’ preferred pronouns? What about prospective employees?
  • Of course, you’re required to allow space for new mothers to breastfeed. But would they feel comfortable taking the time they need without guilt?

It can be easy to overlook the needs of your employees that you haven’t been exposed to. When in doubt, establish a communication system, frequent check-ins, or an open-door policy for employees to bring their needs to the table, so they know they are treated with dignity and respect.

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Refresh Your Diversity Training Procedures

After initial engagement with a company’s hiring and HR team, employees will look to management as a mirror of company values. Make sure management is trained and refreshed throughout the year on what they can be doing to improve a feeling of diversity and inclusion for their team, including specific scenarios they may encounter and how to address them respectfully.

Establish a Diverse Mentorship Program

One on one rotating mentorships are a great way to create a culture of inclusion, especially for new team members. Even two employees who seem similar from the outside looking in can learn a lot about each other’s differences in a weekly Zoom meeting. A simple check-in on how the other is doing, work-related or not, can lead to moments that open employees’ eyes to different experiences. The idea is simple: the more you learn about each others’ unique experiences, the more respect you’ll have for their ideas.

Diversity Strategy implementation starts with diversity hiring. By implementing a conversational AI-powered chatbot like Mya into your HR tech stack, you can take a great first step towards reducing the impact of unconscious bias in the early stages of your hiring process. Mya makes instant, natural connections with candidates through dynamic conversations — improving your candidate experience and passing the information your hiring team needs to make the best TA decisions. When your TA team has the right process, technology, and amount of time to evaluate candidates you can impact your diversity strategy and your bottom line. Schedule a demo today to see how it works.

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