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How To Vet a Conversational AI Solution for Optimized Recruiting

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence

Realizing that a conversational AI (CAI) solution is the right choice to upgrade your existing recruitment processes is a significant step in line with the most modern and efficient organizations today. But getting to this realization brings new challenges. Implementing this tech will revolutionize three main areas of your existing processes: recruiting, outreach, and candidate engagement. You need to evaluate the conversational AI solutions on the market to make sure you partner with the right one for your company.

Choosing, implementing, and maintaining a virtual recruiting assistant can take time. It’s a continuous process that requires strategy and HR resources. Rushing into a solution without adequately evaluating how it will fit within your needs is the reason some AI integrations fail. These are our critical considerations and areas to vet while choosing a conversational AI solution to elevate your recruiting processes.

Realizing #conversationalAI is right for you is just the first step in your AI journey. @MyaSystems explains how you can vet various #CAI on the market in their recent blog: Click To Tweet

What Is Their Reputation? 

Does the company offering the CAI solution have a proven track record of providing high-quality, long-term solutions in your industry? When you talk to others in your field about the issues you’d like to solve with automation, consider the tech others mention. The solution shouldn’t just be known as a quality CAI in general — it should be reputable in your industry.

Tip: Seek out case studies. Did the solution work for similar companies and for the same issues you’re facing?

Some vendors cater to specific niches and industries, while others are designed with the general market in mind. A one-size-fits-all solution may work for some technologies, but choosing a partner that recognizes the unique struggles of high-volume retail hiring, for example, will know how to deliver the best customer experiences relevant to your needs.

Is It Built To Avoid Bias?

If your company claims to value diversity and inclusion, it needs to be built into your AI. And, the need for diversity in AI solutions can be tackled by a diverse engineering team at the helm of the design — holding each other accountable and shining a light on the team’s blind spots.

Implicit bias can be prevented through the structuring of questions and responses to talent. At Mya, our conversation design team consists of several highly trained professional linguists. They’ve spent years meticulously designing Mya’s conversations to increase engagement, provide the best possible candidate experience, and create a CAI that’s free of implicit bias.

Bonus Downloadable: Cheat Sheet for Preventing Hiring Bias

Choosing Mya means you’ve chosen an AI recruiting assistant that is optimized to prevent unconscious bias. Furthermore, our conversation design team provides conversation design services to our customers. They take a template, consult with you, and ensure any customization you want to do maintains the integrity of your automated hiring process.

Does It Create a Quality Experience For You & Candidates?

Unlike traditional chatbots, CAI combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to address job market inefficiencies while maintaining the human-centric nature of recruiting. In practice, it enables recruiters to be more effective with their time and provides candidates a higher quality experience. This is a great start across the board. But, you need to choose a CAI solution that puts experience at the forefront.

Rushing into a #CAI solution without adequately evaluating how it will fit within your organizational needs is the reason some #AIintegrations fail. @MyaSystems explains the key considerations for vetting a #conversationalAI solution: Click To Tweet

Ideally, the CAI solution you choose will improve both internal and external experience, and while vetting the solutions on the market, you need to value the benefits of both equally. The solution should absolutely make your job easier. From initial recruitment, candidate outreach, and consistent engagement — your conversational AI should take the repetitive, heavy legwork out of your hands and create a seamless yet personal experience. Your CAI should immediately engage candidates on your career site and build a robust talent pipeline full of pre-qualified, interested talent. But along with making your job easier, it should also ‘wow’ your candidates.

A negative candidate experience will cause 69% of candidates to never work with your company again. In high-demand and niche industries like tech and engineering, you can’t run the risk of ghosting top talent and leaving them with a subpar candidate experience. If you need to stay competitive, you need an AI solution with

Talent Acquisition’s Competitive Edge

AI in hiring is a whole new ball game for recruiters. Find out how and why Fortune 500 companies and leading staffing agencies are using Conversational AI to carve out a competitive advantage.


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Is This A Long-Term Solution?

You may be at the beginning of your relationship with AI and are just dipping your toes into the world of CAI. Even in these beginning stages, think in the long term. Is the CAI you’re considering a long term solution with options for you to develop a more sophisticated AI strategy?

While there are some easy fixes to customer experience problems, an AI assistant takes time and a cohesive strategy for the best results. Be ready to invest time in your implementation strategy, knowing that your new tech’s first look will likely need to be revisited or overhauled once the dust settles. And because CAI is directly customer-facing and is often your talent’s first impression of your brand — the experiences it delivers must be consistent, cohesive, and always up-to-date.

With Mya, we give you the option to grow your use of AI and radically transform your recruiting process with a single point solution and revamp your process from end to end.

In anticipation of unemployment numbers lowering once the effects of COVID-19 subside, many organizations are rethinking the value their existing processes bring to the table and how they stack up in terms of staying competitive. The beauty and struggle of AI is that implementation doesn’t end with your initial integration. Your needs will change, new obstacles will come to light, and the technology will improve. If your relationship with the tech’s customer service ends after initial implementation, it’s time to look elsewhere. A ‘one and done’ solution will leave you with an outdated strategy. Look for a conversational AI solution backed with a team that will work with you and continuously update and upgrade your integration to fit your needs.

Mya’s Conversational AI Platform wins on candidate experience, unconscious bias prevention, and as a stand-alone, and singe point long-term AI solution. Learn more about how Mya stacks up against other CAI and why it’s the #1 trusted Conversational AI solution for improving the recruitment process. Request a demo here.

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