How Conversational AI Gets You More Candidate Engagement

| Ameya Deshmukh
Artificial Intelligence
candidate engagement and AI

There are many types of recruiting automation solutions available today including recruiting chatbots, enhanced chatbots, and conversational AI. The complexity of their underlying technology is what determines their ability to create a human conversational experience. In conversations with our customers who switched from other vendors to Mya, they report that Mya’s conversational AI has created more candidate engagement than the recruiting chatbot or enhanced chatbot solutions they were previously using.

Why does candidate engagement matter?

The de facto approach for solving recruiting issues like long time to fills or high numbers of open reqs is to increase the number of candidates you acquire at the top of your recruiting funnel. However, we’ve reached the peak of the ability of this strategy to create value. Recruiters are overwhelmed with applications and unable to find qualified candidates in the stack of resumes they receive for each open role. With the current high unemployment rate, the amount of inbound job applications has only increased.

Recruiting teams need a 2 step pre-screening process to identify the most engaged and qualified candidates quickly. The process also needs to connect those candidates with recruiters efficiently. There are many approaches to creating a 2 step pre-screen but almost all of them use recruiting automation.

Many teams are turning to recruitment automation for pre-screening

Finding qualified candidates is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s no surprise that many recruiting teams are turning to recruiting automation to sort through the deluge of candidates. However, solutions like resume parsers, recruiting chatbots, and enhanced chatbots are adding new problems to the recruiting process.

For example, resume parsers can add unconscious bias to your hiring process by screening out diverse candidates or mothers who are returning to work. Another issue is that recruiting chatbots can create frustrating 1-way conversational experiences that cause long term damage to your employer brand.

Candidate engagement is created by positive conversational experiences

Think about your experiences as a consumer. What happens when you get bad service at a restaurant? It changes your perception about everything about the restaurant, the brand, the food, the ambiance all become tainted. In the same way, some recruiting automation solutions create negative candidate experiences that translate into disengaged employees and negative employer brand reputations.

Conversational AI, through creating a human, positive, and 2 way conversation creates a positive candidate experience. You don’t need data to know that if you make someone feel good, they’re more likely to engage with you. It’s the candidate experience created during the conversation with Mya that creates out strong candidate engagement rates.

The link between candidate engagement and AI

There’s a positive correlation between making your 2 step pre-screening process more engaging and increasing the number of qualified candidates in your talent pipeline. Candidate engagement and AI are strategies that should be paired together. By choosing conventional AI for your recruiting automation solution, you’re making sure that you create the most possible candidate engagement. Instead of thinking “how can I add more candidates?” you need to think about “how can I engage the candidates I have more effectively with AI?”

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