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How conversational AI makes hiring more human

| Ameya Deshmukh
Artificial Intelligence, Candidate Experience
How conversational Ai makes hiring more human

Research Vice President at Gartner Helen Poitevin shared recently that of the many organizations who are investing in AI, 23% are doing so in the HR and recruiting domain. Many of these organizations are deploying basic recruiting chatbots to improve recruiting efficiency; which is all well and good. But now, some organizations are deploying a specialized form of AI called conversational AI.

As ironic as this contention may sound, companies who are deploying conversational AI are finding that increased use of automation is actually helping to make the hiring experience more human for recruiters and candidates alike. At Mya, we believe that our conversational AI automation can and does make hiring more human. To help you to understand how AI makes for a great candidate experience, let’s examine some deep issues with the current recruitment model.

Problems in high volume application paradise:

The current recruitment paradigm is fraught with significant problems. Online job boards and single click apply features have created massive pileups of applicants. Recruiters simply can’t engage that many candidates. Candidate profile data in recruiters CRMs is constantly becoming outdated and recruiting teams don’t have the bandwidth to reach out to passive candidates to re-engage them.

To put it simply. There are too many candidates, not enough recruiters, and not enough time to engage all of them. Recruiting in the current paradigm seems to be about one thing and one thing only – speed. And we don’t think that’s the right way to go about it.

In fact, most recruiters agree. The 2018 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey found that quality of hire and retention rate had replaced time-to-hire and cost-per-hire as the top 2 most important recruiting metrics to measure hiring success as indicated by recruiters. Talent acquisition teams are realizing that even in such a competitive candidate-driven marketplace – hiring the right person can be more impactful than hiring quickly.

Hiring the right person needs a human touch. No matter how advanced AI gets it will never be able to assess a candidate as a human being. But what conversational AI can do is empower recruiting teams to have more time to spend in actual 1 on 1 conversation with the most qualified and engaged candidates sourced from their applicant and passive candidate pools. It does that by managing speed-related tasks for recruiters.

Here’s how it works:

Transform a recruiting black hole into a hiring highway

Instead of adding in 20 form fields imagine a form with just 3 or 4 – first and last name, email address, and a resume attachment. After the applicant clicks submit, instead of receiving a meaningless and unengaging application confirmation email, a conversation opens up with your AI. Replacing a long-form with a conversation makes your hiring feel more human right away at the application stage.

Your AI engages the candidate and gathers all the additional information your recruiting team needs. In the background, the AI creates this candidate profile in your ATS and fills out important information as it comes in. The AI also creates a pdf version of the conversation so that your recruiting team can take a look at it. This happens for every single candidate that applies 24/7/365.

As the conversation is happening, the AI assesses whether or not the candidate is qualified for the position based on years of experience, certain certifications, or other requirements that your team has set. If the candidate is qualified, the AI connects with your calendar and schedules a phone screen for a human recruiter. If the candidate isn’t qualified, the AI enriches your CRM data and updates the candidate profile with the appropriate status.

By deploying a conversational AI early on in the hiring process, qualified candidates get interviews scheduled with recruiters faster and unqualified candidates aren’t left in the dark.

How conversational AI empowers human connection:

Your AI constantly sets up appointments for phone screens with the most qualified and engaged candidates. It frees up recruiters’ time. Recruiters now have time to prepare for calls, consider candidates holistically, and create positive hiring experiences. Internally, the hiring process becomes more human as well. Recruiters now have time to engage more with hiring managers and to get insight from them on candidates.

Conversational AI also impacts diversity. The conversation can be used to gather more information about specific skills and experiences. This information enables recruiting teams to understand candidates in a more well-rounded way which reduces bias. In fact, data from one of our largest international customers has shown that implementing Mya has improved the diversity of their candidate demographics and reduced unconscious bias in hiring.

CAI is an important tool that can help you develop an organization that’s more diverse, staffed with the right people for your teams and roles, and has a great culture. There’s some humor in it though. The nature of conversational AI is a bit of a paradox.

It’s an advanced and incredibly modern technology that helps you go back to the older ways of hiring – just talking to people one and one and getting to know them better. You could say, the team here at Mya wants to help you use the new to make the old new again. Or is it to use the new to make the new old again? Find out for yourself, book a demo of Mya today.

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