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How to create a retail recruitment marketing plan that helps with holiday hiring

| Ameya Deshmukh
Talent Acquisition
How to create a retail recruitment marketing plan that helps with holiday hiring

Holiday hiring is here! Creating and executing a retail recruitment marketing plan will help your employer brand stand out during a competitive holiday hiring season. To help you create a high-quality plan, we sourced some of our tips from recruitment marketing and employer branding leaders who presented at the RallyFwd Recruitment Marketing Virtual conference.

Make sure your content is inclusive

The demographic for retail holiday hiring positions varies wildly! Everyone from college students to retirees applies for seasonal temporary positions. To ensure you connect with this varied demographic use diverse imagery in the content you’ll be creating. Include a variety of ages, races, and genders in your marketing material to make it feel inclusive to everyone.

Also, make sure to stay away from any language that may feel exclusionary to certain demographics. An example of this would be writing something seemingly innocuous such as a “flexible schedule perfect for college students.” That would actually be interpreted as exclusionary by candidates in other demographics and make you lose out on talent! For more guidance on inclusive writing read Hubspot’s story on how they removed biased language from their job descriptions.

Get more engagements with video

In analyzing 3.7 million Twitter accounts, Twitter found that tweets with video received 10x more engagement than tweets without video. The effect of video content works just as well if not even better in recruitment marketing. At the RallyFwd Virtual Conference, Eric Clemons, Sr. Manager of Employment Brand strategies at U.S. Cellular, presented his test of social content with photos and text compared to social content with video.

The social post with video had an engagement rate that was 26x better! How can you use video in your seasonal retail hiring strategy? Showcase an employee story about their experience at your company. Eric found there was no difference in engagement between video created by an agency and video that his team created themselves.

Be authentic with real employee photos

Candidates want an authentic view of what it will be like to work at your company and who they might be working with, even if their role will be temporary. You can use photos of last year’s seasonal hires on the job as long as what’s reflected still rings true. Use the employee photos in your job descriptions, social posts, careers site, digital ads, employer profiles on job boards… even on in-store hiring signage.

Here’s a pro tip from Mark Diller, Senior Employer Brand Manager at T-Mobile, from his presentation at the RallyFwd™ Virtual Conference: Photos of employees with the biggest smiles drive the most engagement on social media. Why? People are attracted to happy!

Share career advice to entice job seekers

Your job advertising strategy will get the attention of candidates who know your brand and who are actively looking for a seasonal retail position. But what about everyone else who may be in the market but not necessarily paying attention to your job ads? Consider creating career advice content that positions your company as a helpful resource to candidates. For example, write a blog post on “6 resume writing tips to land a great seasonal retail job.”

Be sure to include a link to check out your open jobs somewhere inside the post. Share the post on your company’s social media channels, as well as enlist the help of your employee brand advocates to share the post with their networks. Aaron Kraljev, VP Employer Brand & Candidate Advocacy at Wells Fargo, told the RallyFwd audience that this type of career advice content shared on LinkedIn by Wells Fargo’s recruiting team generates an engagement rate of 6-7%.

Make sure your content is seen

Reaching your audience will require you to take a multichannel approach. Share your content through social media and via emails to build a relationship with your candidates before presenting them with job ads.

On social media share your content through groups and via your company page. Also, be sure to send your content via email to contacts in your CRM and have a conversational AI like Mya or a recruiter respond to any inquiries that may come in.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for the 2019 holiday hiring season and you’ll be sure to create a recruitment marketing plan that will help you with holiday hiring.

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