Is Conversational AI an Easy Way to Improve the Performance of Your Career Site?

| Ameya Deshmukh
Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to recruiting, your company’s careers site is one of your best assets. Although often overlooked, a high-performance career site can reduce cost per applicant, improve time to fill, and make or break candidate experience. In fact,  Talent Board’s 2018 benchmark research report showed that career sites are the number one source candidates use to research a potential employer.

Career sites that outperform visitor to applicant benchmarks create engaging, information-rich, and navigable experiences. They also make sure to answer candidate questions around health, safety, and job security. These types of career sites are high-performance sites that convert more candidates, keep their cost per applicant low, and generate a higher quality talent pipelines.

In this article, I’ll compare and contrast ways you can improve the performance of your career site.

Improve Career Site Visitor to Applicant Rate

Design is the first thing candidates notice when they open your career site. Good design is important because it establishes credibility with your visitors. According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46% of site visitors stated that the design of a site  (color scheme, layout, navigation, etc.) is the number 1 factor influencing credibility.

While there are many aspects to creating a great career page design, it boils down to three primary factors: Usability, Utility, and Visuals. The information must be easy to find, it must be relevant, and it must be easy to understand. If your navigation is poorly designed, potential candidates aren’t going to be able to find what they need. Likewise, if the information isn’t what your visitors are looking for, they are more likely to leave your career site without applying for a job.

But what’s even more important than your career page design is how usable it is. The objective of every career site visitor is to quickly find and apply to an open job that’s most relevant to them. But with thousands of jobs on most career sites and search functions that aren’t as effective as google, most site visitors leave sites because they aren’t able to find the right job fast enough.

Helping visitors locate the right job to apply to is the best way to improve the application rate of your career site. There are 2 ways to achieve this.

1)  A Career Site Redesign  

A career site redesign process is a costly time-intensive project to take on. Without the right expertise and careful planning, it can be easy to spend hundreds of thousands on a costly and lengthy redesign that will have no impact on your recruiting efficiency.

You also may not be able to significantly change the design of your career site if your using a career site builder that’s part of your ATS, and purchasing a career site-specific solution will pose challenges in tracking the impact of your career site on your recruiting funnel.

2) Use Mya Engage to Surface Jobs Instead 

Instead of embarking on an expensive and costly redesign, or purchasing specific solutions for configuring career sites, have you considered using Mya Engage? This tool uses conversational AI to improve the usability and utility of your career site.

It opens a dialogue with visitors, ask questions to determine their interest, filters through all of your jobs and surfaces the most relevant job for that visitor. Then it shares more details about the job and directs them to apply. Unlike a redesign, Mya Engage is fast and cost-effective. Plus it comes with analytics that shows you how many visitors its engaging, applications its generating, and much more that makes tracking performance easy.

Improve Your Career Site Candidate Experience

Answering candidate questions is an important but often neglected part of career site optimization. Making it easy for candidates to find the information they need will improve the conversion rate of your career site.

Here are four common candidate questions you can answer to improve your site performance:

  1. How are you keeping your employees safe?
  2. What health insurance benefits are your offering?
  3. What can you tell candidates about job security?
  4. What can you tell candidates about how you are creating an inclusive workplace?

But 4 questions isn’t enough. Most candidates have many more. In fact, we’ve identified over 40 questions that prevent candidates from applying. Answering these questions is critical to increasing your application rate. There are 2 ways you can answer these questions.

1) Use Copywriting to Answer Questions 

Like a career site redesign, reworking your career site copy to answer visitor questions properly will be a resource-intensive project. You’ll have to brainstorm all 40 questions. You’ll have to find a way to make them visible to visitors. You’ll have to keep them updated manually if responses change.

Worst of all you may have different questions and answers for different positions. You’ll need a way to categorize them so the right candidate sees them when they have a question. If you don’t have time or bandwidth to have professional copywriters work on your career site to write content that will answer these questions at the right time, consider using conversational AI instead.

2) Answer Visitor Questions with Mya Engage

Mya Engage uses Conversational AI to answer your site visitors’ questions, surface relevant jobs, and increase the number of applicants you generate through your career site. Mya Engage comes preloaded with 40+ fully customizable FAQs. Best of all, it’s able to seamlessly transition between answering questions, surfacing jobs, and converting visitors.

Unlike a copywriting project, Mya Engage doesn’t require extensive time or financial resources. It’s a more affordable, expedient, and effective way to improve the experience and performance of your career site.

Improve Career Site Engagement

Engagement is an element that will predict how long your visitors will stay on your site and whether they will return to your site. Engagement effects visitor to applicant conversion and candidate experience.

It isn’t enough to post jobs, create content, and answer questions on your career site. You need a system to attract visitors regularly to your site so that they convert into applicants.

1) Attract Visitors With Recruitment Marketing Content 

In today’s digital world, your potential applicants use social media on a daily basis to watch videos, share content, and more. Career sites that cater to these preferences are more successful because they are engaging. Having features like stories and photos or videos of real employees creates transparency and establishes social proof. It also creates a sense of community and offers visitors more ways to engage.

However, to keep them engaged, you’ll also need to build an email or text message list. You’ll also have to commit to regularly creating and publishing new content on your career site to attract them. To do this effectively, you’ll need to invest heavily in recruitment marketing resources by hiring a team, contracting with an agency, and purchasing multiple systems. Even so, without investing in a redesign, retooling, or copywriting project – it’s unlikely your recruitment marketing investment in career site will produce positive returns.

2) Use Mya Engage Instead 

We’re in a pandemic and that means it’s almost impossible for you to use employee storytelling videos effectively, especially if you’ve never done it before. We’re also in a recession. Content marketing is hard to do and takes time to work. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a budget approved for recruitment marketing.

Instead, use Mya Engage. It uses conversational AI to ask your site visitors questions about their work interests. It matches them to relevant open jobs. It then also opts them into communications, collects their contact information and job interest data. It uses this information to send them automatic personalized job alerts over text message or email. It’s an automated solution that improves engagement and directly drives applications over time.

Improve Your Careers Site Performance with Mya Engage

Redesign, retooling, copywriting, and recruitment marketing are all roads you can take to improve the performance of your career site. The trouble is, you’d need to do them all and it’ll cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars for each one. The worst thing is such strategies will have dubious results on improving applications, candidate experience, and conversion rates.

If you want to improve conversion, engagement, and candidate experience on your career site why not consider using Mya Engage instead?  Mya Engage uses conversational AI to engage visitors, answer FAQs, subscribe visitors to job alerts, and direct visitors to relevant positions. It’s a great way to quickly increase the performance of your career site. Unlike alternatives, it’s easy to implement, won’t put a dent in your budget, and doesn’t require you to change a thing about your career site.

Learn more about Mya Engage today.

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