How to Use AI in Hiring for Critical Infrastructure Positions

Vinita Venkatesh
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Something you’re likely hearing from your clients who are hiring right now might be, “I need 400 candidates to sanitize my grocery chains yesterday!” Now, finding high volumes of talent urgently is what staffing agencies are built to do. But, in a market with over 30 million unemployed, GDP shrinking, and even more staffing agencies competing to place the same roles, your staffing agency needs AI in hiring to create speed and efficiency.

AI in hiring is how staffing agencies are able to rapidly scale and pivot their recruiting efforts across rapidly changing locations, job profiles, and hiring volumes.

Conversational AI in Hiring Creates Scale, Speed, and Efficiency

There’s a limit to the number of conversations a recruiter can have in a day. Especially, when they’re early-stage recruiting conversations. That’s where conversational AI(CAI) helps. CAI takes all of the early-stage communication tasks off your recruiting teams’ hands. For example, CAI handles all pre-screening, FAQs, candidate engagement, and interview scheduling/rescheduling.

Without CAI, your recruiters spend 80% of their time on those tasks. The staffing agencies we work with have found that they’re more profitable when their recruiters are spending 100% of their time engaging candidates and hiring managers. The benefit of conversational AI is simple. It gives staffing agencies the ability to scale conversations with candidates in any time zone and for any job profile.

Think of CAI as a force multiplier and accelerant. When you get a requisition for hundreds of open positions, you can deploy CAI to have thousands of conversations in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Staffing agencies that use AI in hiring, get their recruiters in conversations with engaged, qualified, prescheduled candidates in a matter of hours.

Using AI in hiring means you can turn on a pipeline for talent in any location and in any industry. Creating a pipeline becomes almost as easy and immediate as getting a glass of water from the tap. It’s one of the best was to protect the growth and profitability of your staffing agency.

Have More Conversations and Make Placements Faster with Mya

Our customers are already using AI in hiring to create scale, speed, and efficiency. In a single workday, how many candidates can your recruiting team have a conversation with? One of our clients used Mya as a force multiplier. Mya created 100,000 conversations with essential workers across a range of job profiles and locations in a single day. Our client’s recruiting teams took it from there, proceeded with phone screens, and next steps.

Mya gives staffing agencies the ability to have more conversations faster. You can use this ability to unlock exciting new strategies. For example, say you have a large number of candidates for event roles. While the event industry is no longer hiring, critical infrastructure roles are. You can use the power of conversations at scale to re-deploy your talent pool to meet market needs. Another one of our clients used Mya exactly for that.  They re-allocated workers from industries that were no longer hiring to open essential roles.

Besides giving you the ability to redeploy your talent pool into new industries, Mya also brings speed to hiring for specialized roles with specialized workers. One of our healthcare staffing clients used Mya to fill 100 positions for ICU nurses in New York in just 3 weeks. How did they achieve this? They simply had more quality conversations at scale. They deployed Mya to engage 300-500 candidates each week and their recruiters took it from there.

How to Use AI in Hiring for Critical Infrastructure Positions

First, use AI to bring scale, speed, and efficiency to your recruiting operations. Next, upload a list of candidates that you’d like Mya to engage with. Once your candidate list is uploaded all that’s left to do is to deploy a tested and proven Mya conversation, through the Mya portal. You’re recruiting team will take it from there.  You can use this process to launch Mya conversations and create a pipeline of engaged candidates to support hiring in any industry and at any scale.

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