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5 Ways Automation Will Strengthen Your Recruitment Process

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Artificial Intelligence

As companies begin to embrace more digital and technological advancements, the true benefits of automation are becoming clear. Everyone understands the need for a resilient and efficient recruiting process, but how does automation help support this mission? Below we discuss five ways in which automation can help you reach your recruitment and hiring goals.

1. Drive Engagement for Job Postings

When looking to fill open positions, you want to ensure that your job posting is highly visible and engaging. Finding ways to attract engagement on your posting will help you expand your talent pool and source more highly qualified candidates. Mya Engage helps support your candidate engagement goals by actively interacting and attracting candidates to your career site. By implementing a conversational AI on your career sites, you can easily automate the process of answering applicant questions and converting applicants, all with 24/7 engagement capabilities.

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2. Manage High Levels of Applicants

Studies have shown that 49% of job seekers have turned down an offer due to a poor candidate experience. As more applicants apply for your open positions, it can be difficult to manage each interaction and ensure a positive experience. This is where automation excels – making it possible to engage with every applicant. By implementing AI and automation throughout the recruitment process, hiring managers can ensure that all applicants are being nurtured and driven down the pipeline, regardless of the number of total applicants – ending the application black hole once and for all.

3. Screen Candidates

Often, posting a job listing will lead to numerous applicants. When it comes down to it, not all of these applicants will be a good fit for the role, or even truly engaged in the opportunity.  Automation can help you screen candidates for the job requirements of a role before their resume even touches your desk. Mya’s conversational AI can help you screen candidates based on pre-set parameters and if they qualify, it will advance them to the next step in the interview process. Mya recently added the benefit of allowing candidates to review why they may have been disqualified so that both applicants and recruiters have an honest and transparent view of the decisions being made. By embracing automation in recruitment, hiring managers can reduce the amount of time they spend manually reviewing and screening initial candidates.

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4. Handle Scheduling

Recruiters spend a large portion of their days screening applicants and scheduling interviews. In a large organization, this task can quickly pile up and take over most of their workday. Automation helps recruiters take back time in their days by handling the scheduling and coordination of calls and interviews. On the candidate side, they can easily filter calendars based on availability and can sign up for open interview slots without needing assistance from the recruiter. On the recruiting side, hiring managers can manage their schedules and showcase their availability to candidates. By reducing the time recruiters spend collaborating with applicants on interview scheduling, they can work in a more strategic function.

5. Create a Positive Candidate Experience

When it comes to attracting and retaining high-quality candidates, the job application experience is wildly important. Candidates with poor application experiences are more likely to share their experiences with others, which hurts the brand and reputation of your company. Additionally, a poor candidate experience limits your organization’s ability to source a larger talent pool. 

On the other hand, a positive candidate experience can yield higher-quality applicants and create a more highly engaged workforce. As you look at your candidate experience, what should you focus on improving? One aspect that matters most is your communication with applicants. 

There can be delays in the hiring process, so ensuring consistent and transparent communication is key to nurturing your applicants throughout the process. Automating your candidate communication can help you ensure that you respond to candidate questions in a timely manner. Additionally, conversational AI automation adds transparency to the progress of a candidate. Both the recruiter and the applicant can easily assess where they are in the hiring process and what the next step will be.

With advancements in technology and AI capabilities, recruiters can create a process that is efficient and ensures a positive candidate experience. Embracing automation in your recruiting process will lead to higher-quality candidates, more satisfied applicants and will allow recruiters to spend more time working in a strategic function rather than spending time performing tedious tasks. To learn more about how you can implement automation in your recruitment efforts or see Mya in action, reach out to one of our experts today.

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