Looking to Put in Place a Future Proofed ATS?

Vinita Venkatesh
| Vinita Venkatesh
Staffing Digital Transformation | 2 min read
Looking to Put in Place a Future Proofed ATS?

You’ve got the old ATS database that your recruiters never use. Was it worth the investment? Is it really a single source of truth when there are hundreds of spreadsheets that are exported and circulated around?

When selecting or trying to revamp your ATS system, it is critical to ensure you are able to easily push and pull information from it as well as easily integrate with third-party, best of breed applications to supplement. There are so many add-on applications and new technologies coming to market every day, and it would be unreasonable to expect your ATS vendor to put them in place with all the testing and rigor they put into developing the core on “features”.

So? The key to an integrated ecosystem that can grow and change over time are flexible, but thorough, connections. Open APIs are a great way to achieve that.

For example, when our customers integrate their ATS with Mya, there are many points where data may flow back and forth throughout the end-to-end recruiting lifecycle.

After completing an online short form, your ATS should have a mechanism to redirect an active job seeker or application directly to a screening and scheduling tool. Mya customers have leveraged our POST API directly for this.

When an assistant such as Mya gathers information regarding a candidate, this information should also be able to flow back to your ATS via a REST API, for example. The ability to update status values, profile contents and information, and even upload documents is important to ensuring the ATS becomes a system of record.

Finally, what happens with offline application capture? If an associate is walking into a store and expresses interest in an opening, are they asked to fill out a profile in your ATS before getting to the actual conversation about their application? The ability for an assistant like Mya to capture an entire application via SMS or other messaging platform, screen, and qualify before actually forcing the user to create a profile becomes a powerful method of capturing the candidate’s information at the point of interest.

Your ATS can be a powerful tool for the recruiting team with the right usage. Finding one that gives you flexibility to pair with additional applications while still providing the foundational capability of search, data organization and applicant tracking will help you take your talent acquisition organization to the next level.

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