Managing Organizational Change: Keeping Your Staffing Firm Afloat

| Ameya Deshmukh
Staffing Blog
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Right now, staffing firms around the world aren’t sure what their next moves should be. Do they put everything on pause and take on a sort of ‘wait and see’ approach? Should they act as if everything is ‘normal’ and wait for the global pandemic to subside? Or, should they be proactive in anticipation of a hiring boom?

To help navigate these muddy waters, I welcomed Lauren Jones, consultant and advisor to the staffing and recruiting industry to The Conversation to get her expert take.

In this interview, Lauren and I discuss changes that staffing and recruiting managers need to make to ensure their teams are successful when transitioning and operating in the current COVID-19 impacted environment.

We cover:

  • Why you should be building your talent pipeline now
  • How being generous now will have major returns later
  • Crafting your new candidate response management plan
  • Why bad habits result in poor overall database management
  • How to maintain the (necessary) workplace watercooler
  • Best practices for attracting candidates and hiccups to avoid once you have their attention
  • Attracting all generations in the workforce

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