WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger: Mya expands integrations

Vinita Venkatesh
| Vinita Venkatesh
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WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger: Mya expands integrations

Creating a seamless candidate and recruiter experience comes from having a truly integrated omni-channel approach to candidate engagement. Mya supports communication with candidates via any channel – including SMS, WhatsApp, social media, web chat, career sites, and job boards. These integrations allow our customers to easily turn on new channels in the Mya Platform and the flexibility to engage with all candidates across any channel or source globally. The result is a significantly faster, more efficient and engaging experience for candidates and hiring teams throughout the end-to-end recruiting lifecycle.


Over the past year, Mya has had millions of conversations with candidates around the world, including in the US, UK, Canada, France, Spain, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. SMS has been a highly effective channel for Mya in the US, but in other markets, messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat have emerged as the leading communication channels. WhatsApp, with 779M downloads this year, has become by far the most prominent channel in many parts of Europe, South America, India, and South East Asia while WeChat has dominated the Chinese market. Mya added an integration with WhatsApp earlier this year and has recently introduced Facebook Messenger into the platform. By taking an omni-channel approach and supporting all of the most popular messaging channels globally, Mya enables customers to expand their reach and maximize engagement with their candidates.

In addition to supporting all major messaging channels, Mya has also built integrations that create a seamless candidate experience across all applicant sources (e.g. job boards, career sites, referrals, offline events and promotions, etc.). Job boards have introduced direct apply options that host the application process natively on their site and push profiles directly into the client ATS. Mya offers workflows that provide a seamless conversational experience for candidates that apply directly on Indeed, LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Monster, Snagajob, Glassdoor, or any major job boards. For those that apply through the client’s career site, Mya offers a chat interface that gives job seekers an easy way to search for a job, apply and instantly complete the screening and interview scheduling process. For candidates that learn about our clients’ jobs offline (e.g. through a career fair, billboard, or ‘help wanted’ sign), Mya offers Text-to-Apply which enables job seekers to create their application and start the screening process with Mya by simply texting “apply” to a phone number.

Having a smooth and uninterrupted experience for candidates and recruiters means streamlining these connections rather than adding steps to the process. Whichever channel job seekers engage with, Mya minimizes the steps that candidates need to take and passes the enriched candidate data directly into the client’s applicant tracking system. At Mya, engaging with candidates in a natural way and enabling a seamless experience regardless of the channel or the source of application is not just a technological choice, it is part of our DNA.

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