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We’re excited to announce that next week, Mya will be attending Bullhorn EngageX 2020 to discuss agency strategy in response to the ongoing pandemic. Amongst the networking and innovative sessions, we will be hosting a roundtable discussion on the topic of Thinking Past The Uncertainty: Strategies that Stick. 

In this session, Mya CEO and Co-Founder, Eyal Grayevsky, will dive into insights around these lasting shifts, and you’ll come out of Bullhorn EngageX with the perspective you need to build a strategy that delivers a competitive advantage for your organization. 

Three things we’ll be addressing at Bullhorn EngageX:

In response to the ongoing pandemic, many agencies have made changes to their current operating strategies. These include shifts towards automation to operate more efficiently and to optimize costs. But which new strategies will endure once the crisis is over, representing a fundamental shift in how you do business? 

1. The data and trends around these lasting industry shifts

The ongoing pandemic is accelerating how rapidly the world of work is changing, and the combination of high unemployment rates and an urgent need to fill essential positions in certain industries has created the perfect storm to highlight that AI recruiting is not a “nice to have,” but a “need to have.” 

While some of these changes are temporary, it’s important to stay centered as you anticipate the industry shifts that will last long beyond the pandemic. Mya is highly configurable, so we can set up the system based on the specific needs of your organization in the short run and beyond. We’ll discuss the trends we’re seeing in light of the pandemic, with the goal of helping you understand how staffing during the digital transformation can prepare for these lasting industry shifts.  

2. Best practices on automating your recruiting methods to drive efficiency

Hiring during a recession may not be as easy as you think. It’s true that there are going to be more job applicants than job openings, but the problem that arises is the talent gap – many of these applicants are unqualified for the role they are applying for. 

Managers continue to hold out for more skilled candidates, but if they don’t have an effective way of identifying them, they’ll end up missing out no matter how long they hold. In this event, our goal will be to help you understand exactly how an AI recruiting assistant can integrate directly into existing workflows, equipping teams with the tools to efficiently manage meaningful candidate engagement.

3. Strategies to communicate with talent at scale

AI in hiring is how the most strategic staffing agencies are able to rapidly scale and pivot their recruiting efforts across shifting locations, job profiles, and hiring volumes. There’s a limit to the number of conversations a recruiter can have in a single day, especially when it comes to early-stage recruiting conversations. That’s where conversational AI (CAI) comes in handy. Mya gives staffing agencies the ability to have conversations faster, and we’ll be discussing how you can use this strength to unlock exciting new strategies in communicating with talent at scale. 

Virtually Meet Our Team at Bullhorn EngageX 2020 

We will have Eyal Grayevsky, Eric LaBadie, Chris Grimes, and Mike Pauletich along with additional Myans all in attendance from Mya available for networking. This year’s virtual event is FREE, and there’s still time to register here

We’re happy to help you learn more about how to leverage conversational AI for recruiting to unlock competitive advantage and create revenue for your staffing company. We look forward to continuing the conversation online! 

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