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The Future of Work, Revealed: Mya Will UNLEASH its Vision!

| Malik Aibache
Future of Work
Mya Prepares to UNLEASH Its Vision of the Future of Work

Next week, we’ll be at UNLEASH World in Paris to showcase major platform and product updates. In an era of globalization, digitalization, and continuous shifts in demographics, the HR sphere has expanded way beyond the traditional operational role, and is very much an enabler of business success. While the value of AI specifically has become more and more apparent, we still saw many analysts and vendors at HR Tech wondering, “What next?”

The truth is, we see plenty of valid skepticism around chatbots. Too often, conversations can feel disingenuous to candidates, and information can be hard to attain if the bot was not coded well. At UNLEASH this year, we are aiming to help put an end to hesitations when it comes to choosing whether or not to roll out an AI-powered recruiting solution.

The argument for using chatbots in recruiting grows stronger by the day, but companies need to be smart about it. No one wins if a poorly planned AI solution is rushed out and ends in disaster. To be successful, businesses need to look at how AI will be used, what goals they have in mind for the solution, and what the potential risks are. From there, recruiters can map out a plan to make the chatbot most effective, and install guardrails to limit fallout when a virtual assistant doesn’t have an answer for a candidate.

The theme for the show this year is UNLEASH your people. As we saw at HR Tech, this continues to be an evergreen topic in HR. It’s no different for those in the recruiting space, as people are still the most valuable asset when it comes to hiring.

While the human touchpoint will NEVER completely leave the world of recruiting. Mya believes technology, and more specifically AI, can help augment recruiters, giving them the tools to become more efficient and effective in their roles.

AI and recruiting will be a compelling topic at UNLEASH World this year, and we have outlined below some of the panels and discussions we are most excited about. Our fearless leader Eyal Grayevsky, industry titan Josh Bersin, and other noteworthy speakers in recruitment and automation make the list.

10/23 – Panel | The Battle of the Interview Bots: Fair or Foul?

Time: 2:15-3:00 pm

Location: Room E06

Join Mya CEO and Co-Founder Eyal Grayevsky on Day 1 in room E06 to talk chatbots. Selected for the panel as one of the leading AI recruiting chatbots, Eyal will be battling with competitors to debate the strengths and weaknesses of chatbots in the recruiting space. Moderated by the awesome Madeline Laurano at Aptitude Research, this panel will surely provide some great insight into the world of recruiting AI. Come support us in deciding which chatbot can best help their users create an unbiased recruiting process!

10/23 – The HR Technology Market Disrupted: What’s coming in 2020?

Time: 8:45-9:30 am

Location: Main Stage

Josh Bersin, who spoke highly of Mya during his keynote at HR Tech, will be presenting at UNLEASH on Day 2 about his thoughts on 2020 and which HR trends he thinks will start disrupting the recruitment industry. Make sure you also catch his second panel titled, “The Big Vendor Debate: Reshaping the Future of HR, Today,” which features leaders from Oracle, Cornerstone, and SAP. The debate is focused on the future of work and what vendors need to do to make sure their organizations are ready for the changes in technology that are about to be unleashed on 2020.

10/23 – How to Challenge your Recruitment Team to Hire 2,000 Employees in 9 Months

Time: 12:30-12:55 pm

Location: Room E06

Join Nornickel for this interesting case study on how to hire thousands of employees for a new location in a remote location. While Nornickel did not use external agencies, this is a fascinating look into how talent profiling, communication with candidates, and social media are all major factors in the recruiting process.

10/22 – Indeed | Your Brand, Your Promise: Attract the best talents with your employer brand

Time: 3:30-3:50 pm

Location:Stage X, Expo Floor

Indeed hosts a discussion on employer brand and its impact on recruiting, and vice versa. At Mya, we understand that your recruiting process is a major reflection of your company’s brand, so it’s crucial that you limit the number of candidates being ghosted in your process.

10/22 – Using Data to Improve the Candidate Experience: One interview at a time

Time: 12:15-12:40 pm

Location: Room E06

Delivery Hero speaks about the importance of candidate experience and its impact on what type of employees those candidates end up becoming. This particular event will dive into the importance of data collection, something that is crucial when looking at candidate experience. Capturing data from each interview scheduled creates a feedback loop that is constantly improving recruiting methods, and only gets stronger as the program continues.

10/22 – How to Gauge & Engage Talent’s Happiness

Time: 12:15-12:40 pm

Location: Room W06

In this session, you’ll hear about Moneysupermarket Group’s approach to engagement and wellbeing from candidates to a colleague and beyond. In particular, you’ll hear what they’ve done, how they’ve executed it, and what they’ve learned along the way. Having the proper engagement in the recruiting process is crucial to having a positive candidate experience and this session will have good insight into how to achieve that.

We will be onsite October 22nd and 23rd showcasing our brand new platform in stand #117. To schedule a meeting with a member of the team to learn more about the growth of AI in recruiting, please use the calendar linked here (https://calendly.com/mya-systems/unleash).

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