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How Mya Solves Your Healthcare Recruiting Needs

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
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The healthcare industry has always faced unique challenges when it comes to recruiting and hiring for open positions. With specific requirements regarding compliance and experience, and increased demand for talent, recruiters have felt the need to lean on a supportive and reliable recruiting software solution.

Now more than ever, providers need to be creative, agile, and efficient to ensure they are attracting the best talent. Whether it’s optimizing the resources you already have or bringing in new talent to expand your services – a Conversational AI assistant can help your organization screen potential hires and recruit from your existing staff to increase engagement and promotion from within. Read on to see how Conversational AI can impact your healthcare hiring goals.

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Key Healthcare Hiring Needs 

Healthcare providers and employers face extra hurdles when it comes to sourcing qualified talent. With multitudes of requirements and the added struggle of intense competition for talent, recruiting in healthcare can be challenging. In the traveling healthcare space, recruiters face extra barriers with higher turnover levels and constantly changing job statuses. Healthcare recruiters often face five common needs when it comes to accomplishing their hiring goals.

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Recruiters in the healthcare industry find themselves spending too much of their time reaching out to passive candidates rather than engaging with vetted talent. To better reach their hiring goals, recruiters need to rely on tools for automating tasks, giving them time to focus on human-centric initiatives. When engaging with pre-screened talent, healthcare recruiters can see a shorter time-to-interview and improved candidate and recruiter experience.

Eliminate Manual Processes and Silos

Modern recruitment strategies need an end-to-end recruiting and hiring process that is standardized and easily implemented. Recruiters need to integrate their strategies across a number of career sites to reach the best candidates. And they need to be certain their process is reliable and secure.

Transform Your Hiring Process

In today’s modern recruitment space, the candidate has all the power. With a shortage of available talent, recruiters need to transform their hiring strategies to create a positive candidate experience and elevated brand that attracts top talent.

Meet Candidates Where They Are

Most people apply for jobs online, and with dozens of career sites on the market, finding the right location to engage with candidates is crucial. Modern recruiters need the right tools and resources that can interact with and nurture candidates 24/7.

Defy the Talent Shortage

Burnout and turnover are high in the healthcare talent market. Naturally, this makes the candidate experience you offer more critical than ever. Over half of all job seekers have turned down a job offer due to a poor candidate experience. With such fierce competition for top talent, recruiters can’t afford to lose candidates to a subpar experience. Recruiters need to rely on a strategy that fosters an enjoyable candidate experience and attracts the right talent for the right roles in a competitive market.

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Solutions Tailored to Healthcare’s Needs 

Luckily for healthcare recruiters, there are tools and resources to help create a more efficient and effective recruiting strategy. With the right solution, recruiters can accomplish their hiring goals while sourcing the best talent.

Recruitment and Outreach Automation

Recruiters in the healthcare industry can benefit by automating candidate outreach to their existing talent pools. Through integration with ATS and CRMs, they can update existing profiles, nurture talent check-ins, and quickly and easily target and schedule candidate conversations.

Candidate Engagement

Engaging and converting job seekers on career sites and through goal-oriented chats can be time-consuming. By embracing a career site conversational AI chatbot, recruiters can delegate the engagement to their AI, saving time in answering commonly asked questions and creating candidate profiles.

Recruitment Process Automation

The recruiting pipeline can be lengthy, but automating the communication and conversion process shortens the lifecycle and creates a more streamlined experience for both the candidate and the recruiter. Using a CAI, recruiters can instantly engage candidates from any application source, screen candidates to create a shortlist of best-fit applicants, and automate the interview scheduling process.

The Leading Conversational AI Platform for Healthcare

Using natural dialogue to build confidence and trust, Mya instantly engages with candidates regardless of application source. Mya handles the communication and engagement efforts with 24/7 availability. Healthcare recruiters can rest assured no candidate will be lost in the shuffle, as all conversations are recorded and stored for future reference.

Mya’s conversational AI platform gives healthcare providers an easy way to find new talent, keep their employee credentials and information up to date, and reduce time-to-fill for critical roles throughout the organization. The solution helps hiring teams scale their sourcing efforts, screen and shortlist large applicant pools, automate the scheduling process, provide onboarding and HR support, and deliver a world-class candidate and employee experience. With the most experienced and refined specialization around recruiting and hiring conversations, it’s no wonder why Mya has been recognized as the industry leader for recruiting AI technologies by 6 of the top 8 staffing firms worldwide.

To learn more about how Mya can help you remain competitive, reach your hiring goals, reach out to our team of experts, and see Mya in action today!

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