Mya Systems and Workday to partner to help transform hiring experiences with conversational AI

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Mya Systems and Workday to Partner to Help Transform Hiring Experiences with Conversational AI

Mya Systems and Workday have partnered to help customers around the world transform their recruiting processes through the use of conversational AI to automate candidate engagement and communication at scale. Partnering with Workday, one of the most innovative solution providers for finance and HR today, will help us to better support our customers in their journey to improve candidate, employee, and recruiter experiences. As a leader in enterprise cloud applications, Workday provides customers of their platform a foundation where companies can put their people at the center of their business.

Mya Systems is the first deeply integrated, end-to-end recruitment automation platform with a conversational AI engine at its core. We are constantly building and expanding ATS, CRM, and other partnerships with complementary technical solutions to ensure that we are able to cater to our customers’ every need and work seamlessly with their current tools and existing HR technology solutions. As part of this partnership, Mya Systems will build a productized integration with Workday Recruiting, enabling joint customers to leverage Mya’s conversational AI platform and increase the efficiency and seamless interoperability between our technology platforms. The Mya Systems and Workday partnership will empower enterprises to create a competitive advantage by elevating their employer brand with candidates, through the use of conversational AI.

Mya’s AI for recruiting is already used by hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises, including L’Oreal, Deloitte, and AB Inbev, and global staffing firms, including Adecco, SevenStep, and AMN Healthcare, to transform their hiring experiences, empower recruiting teams to build meaningful relationships with talent, and improve the ability of talent acquisition teams to find and convert the most engaged best-fit candidates into hires.

We couldn’t be more excited to attend Workday Rising for the first time this year from October 14-17 in Orlando, Florida. Workday Rising attendees can stop by our booth to see Mya’s conversational AI for recruiting platform, the ability to scale conversations that matter to entire populations, and how Mya’s Recruiting AI Workday integration will help automate engagement across the entire hiring lifecycle.

“We are extremely honored to be a part of Workday’s Software Partner program as it underscores our commitment to providing innovative, integrated and easily implementable solutions to hiring teams. This partnership further solidifies our goal of providing seamless experiences to candidates and recruiters across the end-to-end recruiting and employee lifecycle. We look forward to bringing the Mya’s AI recruiting solution to the larger Workday Recruiting community and improving the job experience for all.” Eyal Grayevsky, CEO & Co-Founder of Mya Systems

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