Navigating the Future of Hiring: Webinar Recap

| Ameya Deshmukh
Future of Work
Two Mya coworkers meeting in the office post-COVID to discuss the future of the recruiting industry

Recruiting is one of the top ten industries impacted by the global pandemic. We’re still in the early stages of figuring out exactly what is happening and what effects we’ll see in the staffing field from COVID-19. But, the initial shock we experienced in March and April is subsiding and, although we’re still in the thick of it, we’re starting to make sense of what putting the pieces back together may take and what life on the other side of COVID will look like.

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Our CEO and Co-Founder, Eyal Grayevsky, tapped the recruiting industry knowledge of experts Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn, Amy Glaser, Enterprise SVP of Adecco, and Bob Melk, CCO of Monster to discuss the current impact of COVID on the economy and the staffing industry along with their predictions going forward. (By the way, if you’re headed to Bullhorn EngageX on June 19th, we’ll be hosting a panel discussion called “Thinking Past the Uncertainty: Strategies That Stick“.)

These were the most significant takeaways from our discussion of trends in the new normal: 

1. Temp. jobs will no longer be taboo

We still have a significant unemployment rate (most recently at 13.3%), but we also see jobs that didn’t exist before. Who could have anticipated positions like temperature takers and six-foot distance reminders in warehouses? Online sales haven’t seen huge declines. The businesses that are struggling the most right now are the brick and mortar companies that didn’t have an established online presence.

Before COVID-19, flexibility was already becoming a trend. When unemployment was tight at the beginning of the year, companies were already having to focus on candidate-focused flexibility. We’re seeing an increase in part-time positions and gig workers. Post-COVID, we can expect even more gig positions, more part-time openings, contract work, and candidates willing to take on project work before parting ways with a company. Before, ‘temp’ was a taboo word. After the COVID dust settles, temp workers will be commonplace.

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2. Better Management of Diversity

When we start to see the anticipated hiring surge post-COVID, we’ll also be in a different place because of the discussions surrounding race. This is an opportunity. The staffing industry will be able to have a fresh start on their diversity initiatives and be able to do better by adding diverse talent to their teams.

We’ve seen gut-wrenching issues with race that have been brought to light recently, which has awakened a call for change at all levels of organizations. Employees that hadn’t spoken up much in the past are asking their companies what they stand for and what they’re going to do differently when they resume hiring. The focus needs to be not only on taking initiatives to hire diverse talent but also on what you can change about your company to make it more attractive to diverse talent. Previously, we’ve seen diversity hiring as a priority if leadership put a focus on it. Anticipate employees to push this priority and demand a focus on it.

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3. A Bigger Appetite to Adopt Tech

There’s currently a bigger appetite for tech adoption, and that’s sure to increase. Companies see the need to embrace technology to respond to current events with agility and speed. Right now, we’re seeing companies grappling with the need to do more with fewer people. It’s time to focus on what’s necessary and stop spending recruiting hours on tasks technology can automate. So many employees are working remotely, and companies are realizing that it’s time to finally adjust to the cloud with accelerated adoption. And this is something that these organizations likely knew would come eventually. These sudden changes are proving to be a new reason for companies to speed up tech adoption.

In a crisis moment like COVID, the companies that will come out stronger at the end are the ones willing to make bold changes to their recruiting technology and processes to ensure efficiency and the ability to scale when market conditions improve. The right strategy and technology changes haven’t necessarily changed since pre-COVID, but changing existing processes has become more urgent. Focus on your candidate experience, re-evaluate your recruiting processes, and adopt the recruiting technology that will help. Can you afford not to?

Check out the full webinar, Navigating the Future of Hiring for more insights and predictions for the hiring and recruiting industry here.

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