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Why Now Is the Right Time To Invest in Career Site Engagement

| Ameya Deshmukh
Career Site Engagement
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The current state of talent acquisition since the beginning of 2020 has changed completely. After falling into a recession, candidates that were out of a job when COVID-19 first started to seem dire are still not back to work. Candidates have more questions when considering new opportunities, and overall, candidate resentment is at an all-time high. Studies have found that communication — or the lack of it — was one of the driving factors turning candidates off.

We were already seeing an increased need for a positive candidate experience when unemployment was shockingly low before COVID-19 hit. And now, after so many saw layoffs and furloughs, candidates will be particular about where they devote their time.

A Tug of War

While recruiters try to find normalcy in this job market, they’re faced with two competing priorities: money and time. Generating applicants is becoming more and more expensive throughout 2020. Getting a single applicant today costs 60% more than it did in January. And, in a recession, a recruiter’s average time to fill increases by 200-300%. During the pandemic, we’re seeing recruiting organizations having as much as 80% of their team laid off without a promise of relief in sight.

While #recruiters try to find normalcy in this job market, they’re faced with two competing priorities: money and time. @MyaSystems explains how #conversationalAI can help manage these priorities and fix your #candidateexperience. Click To Tweet

Though we’re in uncharted territory, we can still look back at previous economic collapses to glean insight on what to expect. In a study from SHRM, some of the critical lessons learned during the Great Recession included the importance of maintaining sufficient staff through employee engagement and morale of current employees. This seems like a tall order while you also need to manage the increasing cost of hiring and the lengthening time to fill.

Recruiters are being pulled in varying directions, and all signs point to now being the time to invest in assistance — and it can all stem from your careers site.

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A Tech Investment During a Recession?

Now is the time to invest in a conversational AI assistant to help your recruiting team maintain a competitive candidate experience while balancing your changing priorities. While many organizations are just trying to stay afloat, right now is not the time to coast until we see the other side of the pandemic. It’s not worth the risk.

Right now, the stakes are dire: a subpar candidate experience can cause long-term losses of millions in revenue through reduced sales and poor employee engagement. And, a worker shortage during high unemployment delay disrupts growth and can even result in your company being another business casualty of these tumultuous times.

Candidates are stressed about finding a role that suits them. When they don’t receive adequate communication, they become resentful of the hiring process as a whole, along with the specific companies they’re targeting. Recruiting teams need to communicate better to prevent revenue loss through candidate experience, reduce cost per applicant, and hire by increasing the hiring process’s efficiency.

The Leading Candidate Experience Solution

While lately, positive news in talent acquisition seems few and far between, we see that recruiting automation, recruiting chatbots, and conversational AI platforms improve communication costs and protect revenue.

And — candidates are happy to speak with chatbots. Did you know candidates who conversed with a chatbot and received text message updates are 80% more likely to increase their relationship with a company?

Conversational AI-based Mya Engage is the tool to meet this moment in the recruiting process. It’s the fastest and easiest way to improve conversion and candidate experience on your careers website — with a focus on natural, human-like conversations with candidates. It’s the quickest and easiest way to improve conversion and candidate experience on your career site — with a focus on natural, dynamic conversations with candidates.

Improved engagement in 3 steps:

  1. Implementation is as simple as install, manage, and use. We provide a small piece of code, you paste it into the backend of your website, and Mya starts to engage visitors.
  2. Mya Engage packages our conversational AI recruiting assistant into a chat bubble and places it on your website.
  3. Through chat, Mya supports your site visitors by answering FAQs, directs them to jobs that match their interests, and subscribes them to relevant job alerts.
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The Nitty Gritty

Not every chatbot is built the same. Compared to a classic recruiting chatbot on the market, the candidate experience you can provide with Mya’s conversational AI can’t be beat. And if candidate experience is your top priority to stay afloat and competitive, conversational AI delivers the best experience overall. Here’s why:

Efficient FAQs

Candidates come to your career site with questions. But the answers are likely missing or buried in job descriptions. Rather than built with multiple choice questions and answers, Mya Engage creates dynamic conversations that answer candidates pressing queries before they submit an application.

More Candidates

Some of the visitors that land on your careers website aren’t quite ready to apply. They’re looking at their options and browsing for more information, but could turn into applicants later. At this stage, Mya engages them and helps them find relevant information in their search. It then collects initial profile data and can even subscribe them to relevant text message job alerts. With this early stage process, Mya Engage builds your talent pipeline of candidates for you.

Happy Candidates, Happy Employees

Positive candidate experience is your first step toward a positive employee experience. Mya Engage lays the groundwork for a smooth transition from initial engagement to screening, interview process, and onboarding — resulting in quality placements and increased employee retention.

Your Recession-Proof Advantage

Mya Engage is an organization’s competitive edge in balancing priorities between their recruiting time and budget. Previous recessions have shown recruiters being pulled in multiple directions from focusing on their current employee engagement and morale while actually improving their usual candidate experience process. The cost of hiring in increasing, time to fill is becoming longer, and overall, recruiting teams need assistance they can rely on.

Mya’s platform can be your single point solution for automating your recruiting workflows, engaging candidates that land on your job site, and completely transforming candidate experience in a human-like way. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Mya Engage as a risk-free, quick, and easy way to try out conversational AI, schedule a time to talk with our team. We’ll teach you the right AI-powered recruiting strategies guaranteed to predictably shorten time to hire, immediately drive down costs, and quickly improve the performance of your entire recruiting organization.

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