Our top 3 recommended sessions for HR Tech 2019

| Ameya Deshmukh
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Our top 3 recommended sessions for HR Tech 2019

There’s no shortage of great speakers lined up to speak at HR Tech 2019. Leaders like Jeanne Meister, Josh Bersin, Ben Eubanks, Ravin Jesunathan and John Sumser will be presenting and sharing their insights on the changing world of work and HR.

Here are our top 3 recommended sessions:

Intelligent HR Tools: An Introduction to AI for HR

John Sumser’s session will cover a broad look at the emerging market in AI for HR. It’ll be a great way to get a high-level overview of trends in AI for talent acquisition and HR.

Reinventing Jobs: Automation and the Future of Work

I’m also looking forward to attending Ravin Jesuthasan’s keynote where he’ll be discussing the impact of the 4th industrial revolution. It’s going to bring about a transformative change in work with widespread consequences for companies and individuals.

Making Sense of it All: How Technology Is Shaping the New HR Agenda

Josh Bersin will discuss how technology is dramatically shaping HR and creating new priorities for HR leaders. We’ve been thinking a lot about how AI is going to impact HR as a whole, and can’t wait for you to learn what Josh Bersin’s thoughts are on the subject.

Schedule time with Mya at HR Tech 2019

Our team will be onsite at Booth #817 from October 1-4. In between your sessions, come by to discuss how conversational AI can help you to transform your candidate experience, convert more candidates into hires, and enrich your HRIS with better data. You can pre-book your appointment to ensure you get a demo of Mya at a convenient time and and ensure you have a 1 on 1 meeting with a team member be sure to

Here’s why you should come by the Mya booth:

1) Our team will be providing insights on how leaders at Fortune 50 companies and top global staffing firms are deploying conversational AI and the results they’re achieving.

2) After his keynote “Making sense of It All,” Josh Bersin will be hosting a meet and greet at our Booth starting at 11 am on Tuesday 10/2. This is your chance to ask questions and get insights from one of the most insightful analysts in our space.

3) Come by our booth for a demo of Mya’s industry-leading conversational AI platform and you’ll also be entered into a drawing to win a $300 Airbnb gift card. Even if you don’t win the gift card, you’ll walk away with some Mya gear.

Speaking for myself and the Mya team, we’re all looking forward to meeting and chatting with you at HR Tech. See you in Las Vegas!

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