5 Reasons Your Company Career Site Might Be Hurting You & How to Fix It

| Ameya Deshmukh
Candidate Experience
Diverse team evaluating their company career site

Plenty of stellar candidates have landed on your company career site — but chances are, most of them dropped off and never applied. Since January 2020, the career sites have seen a 35% decline in applications submitted. As if that isn’t already concerning enough, over half of candidates report a negative career site experience. As recruitment process expectations shift with the onset of Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, your often overlooked career site must meet their expectations to convert.

Think of your career site as a sales tool. Its objective is to sell your employer brand to your target audience (AKA, your ideal candidates). So, how can you convince the right talent that your company is the right career choice? And, why do so many career sites today cause candidates to abandon without applying? We’ll explore the main components your career site might be missing, how to evaluate its failures and successes, and what you can do to develop a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind company career site that converts top talent into your next set of outstanding employees.

1. Its Interface Is Outdated and Dull

It’s 2020, and future generations of workers want nothing to do with an outdated company. If your website looks like it hasn’t changed since the 90s, candidates will get a sour taste in their mouths. An archaic, dull-looking site leads candidates to believe:

  • The company is not growing or innovating their tech, values, or the like (Millennials prefer to work for a high-growth company as it provides more room for career development)
  • The company is not on top of industry trends, which could pose a threat to their ability to survive (hence, the candidate’s job security)
  • The company is not up-to-date on current career expectations —  such as work-life balance, schedule flexibility, work from home opportunities, a healthy company culture, and employee safety

A lackluster, old-school career site is detrimental to your employer brand. It will likely drive your application rates down as other companies in your field reflect their innovation through their job site. Here are some quick pointers to get you on the right path:

  • Increase the use of visuals, such as infographics, gifs, and other imagery to convey your employer brand and employee experience
  • Remove lengthy blocks of text and take advantage of bullet points and spaces (this is easier on the eyes and less intimidating)
  • Ensure your navigation bar is clear and concise
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2. It Leaves Out Your Company’s Mission, Values, and Culture

Adding your company’s mission statement, values, and culture is more than unnecessary page filler. 50% of candidates who view career sites read and take a company’s mission statement into account when deciding whether to apply for a job. Employees are more likely to stay motivated and keep their spirits high if committing to an organization that is aligned with their own values and goals.

If you want to attract not just more applicants, but the right applicants, you’ll also need to include a section that demonstrates your company culture (and yes, you’ll need to go beyond free snacks and casual Fridays). Like a close friend, the candidate and company should have enough in common to want to spend time with one another (values, beliefs, and beyond). Some prefer collaborative, high-energy environments, while others prefer to work independently or under a traditional hierarchical management style. Get those that would fit in best at your company excited by piecing together what a day in the life at your company looks like.

3. Your Job Descriptions Contain Unintentional Bias

False stereotypes based on gender, race, and religion exist, and whether you’ve experienced it or not — they often leak into aspects of the hiring process, such as your job descriptions. And, as a result, those that were victims of bias are less likely to apply. When a job description caters to a specific demographic based on false beliefs driven by unconscious bias, you’re narrowing your applicant pool and losing out on what could have been your top candidates. Not to mention, you’re stunting your company’s diversity of thought.

Whether wording choices are made implicitly or explicitly, these are common mistakes that include unconscious bias and lead website visitors to steer clear of a company:

  • A job title such as “handyman” or “journeyman”
    • The fix: update the title to “handyperson” or “journeyperson”
  • Referencing race or culture in the role description
    • The fix: This is often seemingly harmless; however, it can put a bad taste in some candidates mouths
  • Language with negative connotations
    • The fix: Words such as ‘master’ or ‘slave’ used to be the norm, but now have a negative meaning. Remove anything that could potentially cause harm or come off as controversial

Want to be extra sure that your job description is free of bias and doesn’t discredit or push away a specific demographic? Have multiple team members review it through a diversity panel before posting.

4. No One is Managing Your FAQs Fast Enough

Job-seekers are primed to come prepared with questions while applying for jobs. Although applying through your company career site is the initial step, the candidate will likely have plenty of initial questions they want to be answered quickly. If they don’t receive timely responses, they’re likely to grow frustrated and look elsewhere while waiting for clarity from your team.

Some career pages make the rookie mistake of not including an FAQ section in the first place. Other issues likely impacting conversions include:

  • Too vague of an FAQ section; doesn’t include enough questions
  • Is poorly organized
  • Doesn’t include a contact us form or email address
  • Has the form — but no one is managing responses quickly enough
  • Uses a Q&A chatbot that lacks accuracy, personalization, and natural language processing functionality

Revamping your FAQ section will not only ramp up applicant conversions, but it will contribute to your candidate experience and employer brand.

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5. There Is No Job Alert Feature or Follow-Up Process

Your career site experience doesn’t stop on the page itself. It stretches into your entire recruiting process and is integral from the minute job-seekers land on the page until the hiring decision.

How are you nurturing those that didn’t convert?

  • Are you following up with each person frequently regarding the status of their application?
  • Are you sending them other relevant job openings if they weren’t selected for the role they initially applied for?

This is where recruiter ghosting most often makes its mark. Or, even worse — the recruiter tells the candidate they will keep them ‘top of mind’ for other positions or sends a generic “your resume will be kept on file for 90 days” email, yet they never reach out again with relevant opportunities. Thus, the candidate experience is permanently damaged and makes the company look dishonest and unprofessional.

Hiring processes are notorious for taking far too long and leaving candidates in the dark regarding their application status. Consistent, relevant outreach is mandatory for a successful recruitment process. If your team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth or you have too high of an applicant volume, consider automating specific communications and alerts to get your time back.

Does Your Career Site Need a Makeover?

You might be feeling confident about your current career site. Or, you’re second-guessing the way it’s set up. No matter how savvy your current site is, spending time fixing it is worth the investment and will provide the best possible long-term outcome for your organization. After all, your company career site is often your elevator pitch to attract talent.

As companies resume hiring, it’s important to proactively take the time allotted now to prep your site and provide a unique, engaging experience that sets your company apart from competitors.

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