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Recruiter Ghosting Ruins Your Candidate Experience

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Candidate Experience
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Have you ever ghosted a candidate? Ghosting, if you haven’t heard, is a common event in dating: one person goes radio silent without explanation after exchanging several messages or even after a few dates. Things were seemingly going well, but one party is left in the dark, never to know what could have turned the relationship sour. The practice of ghosting has also made it into the talent acquisition world, where recruiters are the guilty ones.

Recruiter ghosting isn’t necessarily something new, but we finally have a name for it. And, it needs to stop for the benefit of both parties.

Almost every candidate who’s tried to find a job in today’s fast-paced market has been ghosted by a recruiter along the way. Whether the recruiter said they would call but didn’t or the candidate was ghosted after the interview, these are detrimental to your employer brand. On the employer’s side, nearly every recruiter has been too busy with other tasks to dedicate time to engage every unsuitable candidate and explain why they weren’t a match.

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Forget about sending personalized communication for a minute. It’s rare for most candidates even to receive an automated rejection email. 65% of job seekers say they never or rarely receive a rejection notice from employers. If you’re able to create a personalized interaction for every candidate, it’s sure to help you stand out.

In this article, we’ll elaborate on:

  1. Stats that prove that ghosting candidates is detrimental to your candidate experience
  2. How automating your recruitment process can put an end to ghosting
  3. The benefits of Conversational AI on recruiting
  4. How Conversational AI expedites the screening process
  5. Ways to access candidate data whenever you need it
  6. How Conversational AI — when used correctly — can end candidate ghosting for good

Recruiter Ghosting Damages Your Candidate Experience

While the communication requirements placed on modern recruiting teams are extensive, there’s no excuse for employers ghosting candidates with the right tech. When candidates are ghosted, you lose out on possible talent, and your employer brand takes a hit.

Consider this:

These are the leading causes of a negative candidate experience:

Tedious application process Most automated applicant processes today are tedious, overly complicated, and often irrelevant to the job. 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.
Lack of communication Ghosting is likely the most common reason job seekers report having a negative experience. Seeing that a report found staggering 65% of people say they didn’t hear back from a position they had applied for, this is a common problem that needs to be addressed.
Wasted time in interviews Common examples include recruiters or hiring managers who failed to appear for an interview or showed up late.  Or interviewers who were not prepared or seemed to be disengaged or disinterested during the interview. Inefficient interviews reflect poorly on your brand.

You know that creating a positive and human recruitment experience is crucial, but how exactly can you get there? Start by using the right technology to address the common problems we’ve seen in the hiring process — one being ghosting.

Use Automation To End Recruiter Ghosting

With hundreds of candidates in the pipeline for each open position, it’s nearly impossible for staffing companies to create engaging and personalized interactions with each candidate. Leaders in the HR space often talk about how technology is changing the hiring process — and this is a clear example. Recruitment process automation gives recruiters more bandwidth than ever before and can mimic personable interactions that make or break candidate experience. After all, creating personalized, engaging moments with each candidate is precisely what’s needed to develop a robust hiring experience.

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Specifically, Recruiting AI can help. People have grown comfortable engaging with chatbots for tech support, banking, and general Q/A with in-home chatbots. For most, communicating with a chatbot while applying for a job is something they’re comfortable with.

How to Make a Positive Impression on Candidates

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Let’s Break Down the Benefits of Conversational AI for Recruiting

A type of recruitment chatbot called a conversational AI (CAI) offers consistent and near-human communication with candidates based on patterns, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning. With conversational AI shouldering some of the communication workloads, and the hiring team focusing on high-level assessments, you won’t have recruiters ghosting candidates. Instead, they’ll be engaged in valuable conversations with qualified candidates and hiring managers.

Instant Post-Application Two-Way Engagement

Conversational AI (CAI) can expedite the screening process by engaging candidates right after applying and asking them questions about their experience, skills, and salary requirements. CAI chatbots can answer FAQs about the organization and specific benefits.

CAI implementation creates a much more engaging process than the recruiter ghosting candidates worldwide have become accustomed to — giving you a competitive edge.

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Get the Data You Need When You Need It

Beyond position/company suitability, there are several other considerations in the hiring process: approvals from all the interviewers, employer benefit negotiations, and background verification. A CAI can pull relevant information from candidate conversations using entity extraction. It populates discrete fields on the candidate profile with this data in real-time in your ATS. This ensures that hiring stakeholders have all the info they need to create positive interview experiences.

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Never Ghost a Candidate Again

We all want to grow. Upon rejection, a candidate often desires feedback on what they could have done better or what skills they were missing that lead to them not receiving an offer. But often, ghosting isn’t intentional or due to avoidance — HR Managers just get busy with other pressing tasks. Due to the high volume of communication tasks, recruiters must provide personalized feedback for every candidate.

Conversational AI can interact with each candidate, explain why they were rejected for a role if asked, and even redirect candidates to apply for more suitable positions. Deploying a CAI ensures that every candidate, both qualified and unqualified, is never ghosted by your company and walks away with closure.

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Mya is Putting an End To Candidate Ghosting

The near-universal availability and ease-of-use of online job applications have led to a massive, leading increase in candidate applications, even to jobs they may not be qualified for, overwhelming recruiters and creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the hiring process.

Deploying conversational AI for recruiting can free up hiring managers’ and recruiters’ time by handling early-stage candidate engagement, interview scheduling, and data entry. In an age where communication is so important, there’s no reason to leave your candidates in the dark, no matter how many applications you receive.

Big News: Two Cutting-Edge Mya Products, Officially Bullhorn Marketplace Certified

At Mya, we help many of the world’s largest staffing agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and well-known brands become more effective at candidate engagement. We do that by assisting them in their conversational AI deployment and integrate it with their ATS through our partner network.

We work with our customers to help them make the right people and process changes to get the most out of their resources. That includes partnering with leading recruitment marketing agencies to create educational content for our customers. It also means providing our customers with a dedicated customer success manager to set goals and track milestones.

If you’re struggling to create a candidate engagement strategy and finding that filling your funnel with more candidates simply isn’t working, we can help you transform the way you recruit from end to end. Book a demo with our team today, and we’ll review your current processes and see how conversational AI can transform the way you’re recruiting and build a competitive advantage.


This article was originally published on March 4th, 2020. It was updated on October 13th, 2020.

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