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Recruiting Within the Industrial Sector: How Mya Can Help

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
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Historically, the industrial sector was known for requiring a solid work ethic and commitment to getting the job done — most other skills needed for the job could be trained. However, as technology advances, the manufacturing industry has faced a need to source candidates with some technical experience. 

With an influx of automation, jobs have become more complex, and sharp minds are necessary to keep up. The experienced talent within manufacturing is retiring, leaving organizations with a skills gap and talent demand that just seems to keep growing.

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Key Industrial Hiring Needs

When you’re used to hiring for behavior rather than skill, it can be difficult to know where to source and engage with the candidates you need. In the industrial space, recruiters need to rely on the assistance of sourcing software to help attract and convert candidates to applicants. With a shortage of talent on the market and a high demand for high-quality workers, creating a strong and efficient recruiting pipeline can be the difference in attracting and retaining top talent. The right tools can help generate this pipeline and ease the process of recruiting for the industrial sector.

Recruiters in the industrial space face 5 common needs when it comes to accomplishing their hiring goals.

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

A shortage of available talent on the market means that recruiters in the manufacturing industry often spend too much of their time reaching out to passive candidates rather than engaging with vetted talent. To gain back time in their days and accomplish their hiring goals, recruiters need to rely on tools for automating tasks, giving them time to focus on human-centric initiatives. When engaging with pre-screened talent, manufacturing recruiters see a shorter time-to-interview and an improved experience for both candidate and recruiter alike.

Eliminate Manual Processes and Silos

Gone are the days of manual input; instead of opening the door to human-error, use a digital platform to store and archive your records. Modern recruitment strategies need an end-to-end recruiting and hiring process that is standardized and easily implemented. Make sure you can integrate your strategy across a number of career sites to reach the best candidates. 

Transform Your Hiring Process

With an overabundance of jobs and a lack of candidates, today’s modern job seeker has all the power. A shortage of available talent means industrial recruiters need to stay competitive by transforming their hiring strategies to create a positive candidate experience and elevated brand that attracts top talent. 

Meet Candidates Where They Are

Most people apply for jobs online, and with dozens of career sites on the market, finding the right location to engage with candidates is crucial. Modern recruiters need the right tools and resources that can interact with and nurture candidates 24/7. 

Defy the Talent Shortage

Your candidate experience makes a difference in whether an applicant accepts your offer. Up to half of all job seekers have turned down a job offer due to a messy candidate experience. Providing an efficient and enjoyable experience to your candidate (regardless of where they apply from!) can make all the difference when it comes to remaining competitive in the fight for talent.

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Solutions Tailored to the Industrial Sector’s Needs

Recruiters in the industrial sector shouldn’t worry. By investing in the right tools and resources, they can create a more efficient and effective recruiting strategy. The right recruiting software can help you accomplish your hiring goals while sourcing and attracting the best talent.

Candidate Outreach

Manufacturing recruiters can benefit by automating candidate outreach to their existing talent pools. Through integration with ATS and CRMs, they can update existing profiles, nurture talent check-ins, and quickly and easily target and schedule interviews. 


It can be tedious and time-consuming to engage and convert job seekers on career sites. And converting applicants from goal-oriented chats is tedious as well. By embracing a career site conversational AI chatbot, recruiters can delegate initial engagement efforts to their AI, saving time in answering commonly asked questions and creating candidate profiles. 

Recruitment Automation

The recruiting pipeline takes some time, but automating the communication and conversion process helps shorten the lifecycle and expedite the process for both the candidate and the recruiter. When using AI for hiring, recruiters can instantly engage candidates from any application source, screen candidates to create a shortlist of best-fit applicants, and automate interview scheduling.

The Leading Conversational AI Platform for the Industrial Sector

With Mya, the industrial sector can find the qualified staff they need. Mya helps to recruit for the specific skills and experience needed to be trusted in this strenuous field. Industrial recruiters face an urgent and growing need for talent, and recruiters need to handle the demand. Mya can help your warehouse with high-volume recruiting quickly, efficiently, and more economically than before. 

Mya automatically reaches out to, communicates with, and screens potential candidates no matter what time candidates interact with your job site — relieving your team of the burden of sifting through countless applications by hand. Mya’s conversational AI platform engages with applications wherever they come from, regardless of source. Once connected, Mya can screen candidates based on predetermined qualifications to help you find the best applicants and encourage them to apply online or schedule them for an interview. Mya is also available to help applicants complete an application, answer questions, and send reminders to applicants for their convenience.

To learn more about how Mya can help you remain competitive and reach your hiring goals, reach out to our team of experts and see Mya in action today!

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