Not Just for High-Volume: How One Agency Uses AI Recruiting for Hiring Professional Roles

| Ameya Deshmukh
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AI recruiting for professional roles

A common misconception of AI recruiting is that it’s only good for hiring high-volume, hourly positions. While AI recruiting IS excellent for filling hundreds or thousands of hourly positions, it can also give your team an edge when focusing on professional roles in engineering, financial services, and other white-collar positions.

In fact, Mya has been used for many white-collar professional roles, and its use of conversational AI makes it highly effective. But don’t just take it from us, let’s take a look at how Mya works with Entegee, an engineering staffing agency that matches technical and engineering professionals in a variety of disciplines with companies across the U.S.
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The Challenge

Entegee is the second-largest engineering staffing agency in the U.S., with an annual revenue well over $700 million. Despite a strong presence in the engineering staffing market, Entegee was facing a few challenges — lack of candidates, low response rates, stale data, and complex manual processes — that made it difficult for them to meet the hiring needs for their customer’s highly-skilled, technical professional roles.

Why Entegee Considered Mya Instead of Other Recruiting AI

Entegee recruiters place a high value on creating a strong candidate experience and building/maintaining candidate relationships. As a global leader in engineering staffing, they have some of the best redeployment and engagement rates with their applicants.

Recognizing the need for increased capacity and efficiency through recruiting automation and AI, they wanted a solution that would create a white-glove candidate experience consistent with the way their recruiters treat candidates.

Entegee selected Mya’s AI recruiting platform to have it all – automation, efficiency, and world-class candidate experience. Additional features that attracted Entegee to Mya included the Conversation Cloud and Mya Portal. The Conversation Cloud served Entegee’s goal of improving its ability to deploy AI quickly for all job titles, and the Mya Portal aligned with its data-driven approach to recruiting strategy.

Entegee’s Results Through AI-Powered Recruiting

Entegee implemented Mya Outreach in competitive markets across the US and UK to drive recruiter efficiencies by automating the sourcing process to achieve higher candidate engagement rates. With Mya, Entegee saw the following results:

  • Mya reached out to 12,000 candidates for professional roles and generated a 53% engagement rate
  • Mya automatically updated 70% of passive candidates with new, relevant candidate profile data directly in Entegee’s ATS
  • Mya created a 2x increase in recruiter efficiency as measured by time spent with qualified candidates in interviews
  • Mya generated 20% greater recruiter capacity by freeing up headcount used for passive candidate outreach communication management, interview scheduling, and data collection/entry

The numbers speak for themselves, and here is a specific anecdote from one applicant based on a candidate feedback survey – “Mya seemed like speaking to a real person, the answers and questions were informative, easy to understand, and Mya understood my answers perfectly and didn’t misinterpret in any way. I was thoroughly impressed and think this is something more companies need to consider for their recruitment process.”

Not only were candidates impressed, but Kevin McLeod, CEO, Entegee said, “ Mya has eliminated my team’s need to spend countless hours performing outreach and trying to connect with passive candidates in our database. With this technology, my recruiters can spend 100% of their time talking to qualified, available candidates, and converting hires.”

AI recruiting for professional hiring has proven to be effective and is used in complex fields such as engineering, financial services, and other white-collar recruiting conversations. Mya’s strength in candidate experience and compelling feature set makes our platform the only choice in AI recruiting technology for recruiting professional candidates.

How You Can Get Started with AI Recruiting 

This staffing agency totally transformed operations of its recruiting teams with a single solution. Entegee used Mya’s platform for automation, efficiency, and world-class candidate experience. Your team can grow your staffing agency, too. Learn more about implementing recruiting AI at your staffing agency, check out how other leading staffing firms are using Mya, or book a demo here.

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