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staffing industry analysts exec forum na 2020

*** THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED AS OF MARCH 6, 2020.  You can still connect with our team virtually by setting up some time to speak with us here.***

I’m excited to announce that we’ll be at Staffing Industry Analysts Exec Forum 2020 North America in Miami Beach to give our view on the future of the staffing industry. The theme for this year’s event happens to be ‘Strategies for the New World’. 

As the world of work continues to evolve and the pace of technological and process change continues to accelerate, it’s essential staffing industry leaders stay on top of trends. Read this article to learn how to make the most of your SIA EFNA attendance. 

By following our recommendations for sessions and stopping by our booth for help with AI strategy, you’ll come out of Staffing Industry Analysts Exec Forum 2020 NA with the knowledge you need to build a strategy that delivers a massive competitive advantage for your firm. 

In this article:

  1. 3 things we can help you with at the Mya booth 
  2. Build an artificial intelligence strategy 
  3. Go behind the scenes to look at how the world’s largest staffing agencies’ use AI 
  4. Get clarity on the business case for artificial intelligence 
  5. Our 6 recommended sessions for SIA EFNA 
  6. How to leverage the power of AI to get efficiencies at scale 
  7. Tech Innovation speed talks 
  8. Strategies for the new world 
  9. CEOs on a changing industry 
  10. Unlocking innovation in candidate experience 
  11. Bridging the talent gap – training, education and client engagement

3 Things We Can Help You With At The Mya Booth

It is no question conversational AI and chatbots will be at the forefront of discussion this year. Our team will be available to you as a resource to answer any questions you have about the use cases, benefits, and challenges associated with deploying recruiting automation, chatbots, or conversational AI. 

1. Build An Artificial Intelligence Strategy 

If you have any questions on these subjects, be sure to stop by our booth.  Our team has years of experience in helping the world’s largest staffing companies acquire, deploy, and strategically scale recruiting AI to create business impact. They’re happy to help guide you and answer any questions or concerns you have around industry trends and leveraging cutting edge AI recruiting technology.

2. Behind The Scenes: How The World’s Largest Agencies Use AI 

Recruitment automation will continue to be impactful for staffing agencies as competition for talent and candidate expectations continue to be more and more demanding.

Recruiters today are most effective when supported by an AI recruiting assistant that takes on pre-screening, scheduling, and other repetitive time-intensive tasks for them. 

Agency recruiters that are supported by conversational AI find they have the time to connect personally with candidates, build important relationships with hiring managers. 

At this event, our goal will be to help you to understand exactly how an AI recruiting assistant can integrate directly into your existing workflows. Most industries are hesitant when it comes to change, and while the staffing industry may be as well, six of the top eight firms are currently using Mya. We have more than enough experience to quell any fears. 

3. Understand The Business Case For AI

Mya is highly configured so we can set up the perfect system depending on the specific needs of your staffing company. Whether your agency deals with general staffing, retail, healthcare, or any other type of hire, our solution can be customized to make the biggest impact on any of your target candidates.

AI is also very effective when used to recruit deskless workers

Metrics like increased time efficiency, time to fill, fill rate, and dollars saved are sure to be top of mind for staffing agencies on the show floor, and Mya team members will be standing by with tips on how to place better candidates faster.

A truly robust AI hiring assistant enables connections along the entire hiring journey, from job search to hire, and from onboarding to career advancement supporting your end to end life cycle.

6 Must-Attend Sessions at Staffing Industry Analysts Exec Forum 2020 

Expect the use of AI in staffing to be a huge talking point at SIA EFNA this year!  To make sure you don’t miss a moment, we have outlined below some of the panels and discussions we are most excited about.

Make sure to check out our very own Eric LaBadie at his two speaking sessions, Mya partners at Adecco and Kelly Services as they join panels with other experts, and many other noteworthy speakers and sessions at this year’s event:

Monday 3/9 – Ideas in Action Session – How to Leverage the Power of AI to Gain Efficiencies at Scale

Time: 5:00-6:00 pm 

Location: Splash 13/14 (Upper Lobby)

Join Mya’s VP of Global Operations, Eric LaBadie on Day 1 to learn how you can transform your approach to hiring using conversational AI.

Eric will break down how conversational AI gives staffing companies the power to engage with every candidate in their pool, automate time-consuming tasks, and scale outreach and communication. 

Come learn the truth behind the numbers, and discover how you can unlock your team’s potential to directly impact recruiter productivity, dramatically reduce time to fill, and increase candidate response rates – all within your existing recruiting process.

Thursday 3/12 – Tech Innovation Speed Talks

Time: 9:00-10:00 am

Location: Flicker ⅓ (4th Floor)

Join moderator Ursula Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Staffing Industry Analysts and our own Eric LaBadie again for a speed talk with seven other staffing tech firms. 

Eric and the six other panelists will share quick presentations on their respective platforms, showcasing the problems they solve and the best practices for making them work in your tech stack. 

Get ready to be inspired by some of the technology that is sure to disrupt the staffing industry in the new decade! 

Tuesday 3/10 – Opening Keynote: Strategies for a New World

Time: 9:00-10:00 am

Location: Glimmer Ballroom

Join Staffing Industry Analysts President Barry Asin as he explains why the staffing industry is evolving at an accelerating rate, driven by explosive changes in technology and staffing digital transformation, increasingly sophisticated clients with ever greater demands, and a critical shortage of candidates with the right skills. 

SIA has its finger on the pulse of the changes in the workforce solutions ecosystem surrounding the staffing industry.

In this keynote, Barry will draw from SIA’s latest research to explore what’s changing, what’s remained the same, and what strategies and capabilities will be required for the leaders of tomorrow.

Tuesday March 10th – Keynote Panel: The View From the Top: CEOs on a Changing Industry

Time: 4:00-5:00 pm

Location: Glimmer Ballroom

Join Barry Asin and Peter Quigley, President and CEO of Kelly Services as they give a CEO’s point of view on the staffing sector. The staffing industry is poised at a time of great transition and great opportunity. 

In this session, you’ll hear from leaders at some of the largest and most successful firms in the industry as they share their perspectives on the changes and opportunities ahead including:

  • the changing ecosystem
  • the impact of technology
  • the evolving needs of clients and candidates
  • what it will take to be successful in the future

Join them for an engaging discussion with some of the most iconic names in the industry.

Wednesday 3/11 – Unlocking Innovation in Candidate Experience: Leaders Share Their Stories

Time: 11:45am-12:30pm

Location: Splash 13/14

Join Art Papas, Founder & CEO of Bullhorn and friend of Mya as he moderates a panel featuring Mya partner Simon Curtis, Regional CIO, UNAM, UKNI, LATAM General Staffing at Adecco Group. 

Candidate experience statistics show that it is a critically important aspect of the recruitment lifecycle and a core strategic area of improvement for most staffing companies of all sizes, and also the area most ripe for automation. 

How can you, as an agency leader, invest in innovation to improve candidate experience and unlock new talent pools and reduce attrition in your pipeline? 

In this panel presentation, you’ll hear stories from well-known staffing agency executives who have found success automating their candidate experience. They’ll not only share strategies that have worked, but also those that haven’t, to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

Wednesday 3/11 – Bridging the Talent Gap – Training, Education and Client Engagement

Time: 2:00-2:45 pm

Location: Splash 11/12

Subadhra Sriram, Editor and Publisher at Staffing Industry Analysts, will moderate a panel including Joyce Russell, Adecco’s President of the Adecco Group Foundation US. 

A common complaint from employers is difficulty in filling critical job openings. Some firms have responded by going beyond recruiting and into training and education, either taking on this responsibility themselves or partnering with clients or third parties. 

In this session, you’ll hear from companies who have addressed client demand by helping to bridge the talent gap.

Meet Our Team at Staffing Industry Analysts Exec Forum 2020 NA 

We will be onsite exhibiting March 10th and 11th, showcasing our platform in booth #219, and speaking on March 9th and 12th. 

To schedule a meeting with a member of the team to learn more about how you can leverage conversational artificial intelligence for recruiting to unlock competitive advantage and create revenue for your staffing company, please use the calendar linked here.

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