Seamless Recruitment Workflows Start with Textkernel and Mya

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Mya partner exploring new Textkernel integration for a better recruitment workflow

Increase recruiter efficiency with our new Textkernel partnership.

Two organizations — both understanding the value of intelligent automation for staffing firms — working together to save recruiters time and enhance their workflows for both speed and scale.

Our new integration with Textkernel marks an exciting opportunity to deliver even more value to Bullhorn customers.

Two organizations — both understanding the value of #intelligentautomation — working together to save #recruiters time and enhance their workflows for both speed and scale. Find out more about the @MyaSystems and @Textkernel partnership! Click To Tweet

A Cutting-Edge Integration for Finding & Recruiting Top Talent Faster

This integration leaves the administrative elements of the recruiter workload to technology – leaving more time to focus on areas where a human touch is vital. Our groundbreaking conversational AI platform, mixed with Textkernel’s powerful candidate search and match capabilities, are now seamlessly integrated into the Bullhorn platform to deliver significant efficiencies for our staffing clients!

This game-changing, fully integrated solution offers a fresh, fully automated recruitment experience for recruiters looking to maximize their efficiency.

“I learned first-hand during my years working for my family’s staffing business that the speed at which you can engage candidates and submit resumes is the number one advantage a staffing business can create to edge out their competition and increase their fill rates. With this new combined solution, a recruiter can run a match and initiate a personalized and automated outreach campaign to those best-fit candidates within moments of the requisition being opened, and in a matter of minutes, Mya will start to convert qualified, interested, and available candidates onto a recruiters calendar or task list. Mya’s integration with TextKernel and Bullhorn delivers unprecedented speed and efficiencies for hiring teams looking to gain that advantage in an increasingly competitive market.”

– Eyal Grayevsky, CEO & Co-Founder Mya Systems

How It Works

Textkernel’s advanced semantic search, sourcing, and matching technology, integrated directly in Bullhorn, allows staffing professionals to create a match based on either a job description or resume with a single click, identifying and shortlisting top candidates from your Bullhorn database or external sources. Once you’ve identified your talent, they can be seamlessly added to a Mya Outreach campaign. Plus, the integration with Mya allows the ability to easily push key candidate data such as status, disposition, profile, etc. directly back to Bullhorn.

Mya’s intelligent conversational AI automates candidate outreach and engages directly with candidates to screen and schedule interviews at a convenient time and location – saving recruiters valuable time and ensuring an unparalleled recruiter and candidate experience. Bullhorn customers can now let Mya reach out to their external database without ever leaving the Bullhorn interface.

Reach out to find out more about this dynamic new partnership.

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