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Artificial Intelligence Recruiting: How Do Candidates Feel?

| Ameya Deshmukh
Artificial Intelligence, Candidate Experience
The candidate perspective on AI

With many talent acquisition teams using recruiting chatbots for early-stage communication, screening, scheduling, and feedback a question many HR leaders have is – what is the candidate perspective on artificial intelligence recruiting? To answer this question, we compiled a series of common recruiting AI use cases, the problems they solve for candidates, and feedback from candidates who interacted with Mya.

Recruiting teams deploy AI to solve candidate experience problems and at their core, candidate experience problems are caused by a lack of communication. Communication issues can cause candidates to have negative perceptions of your company and become disengaged with the hiring process. Recruiting AI helps by making personalized and human feeling communication more available to candidates.

When considering applying artificial intelligence for recruiting with the intent of becoming more efficient and building a more positive candidate experience a few clear problem use cases stand out:

  • Unclear job descriptions
  • Long job applications
  • Delay or lack of personalized communication

In our experience, candidates both appreciate and enjoy communicating with AI that solves these problems.

Using AI to fix job descriptions:

Posting an unclear job description has several negative implications for candidate experience. It attracts high volumes of unqualified applicants which creates communication challenges for recruiters. The high volume of applicants increases the chances of a recruiting black hole where most candidates never hear back.

Most HR leaders believe this doesn’t apply to their organization, but unclear job descriptions are more common than they think. In a Global Benchmarking Study, Allegis Group shared that 72% of hiring managers say they write a clear job description, but only 36% of candidates say the same.

Placing a conversational AI in a chat bubble on your careers site helps mitigate problems caused by job descriptions that miss the mark. Mya screens out any unqualified applicants, provides them feedback, and recommends fallback roles. This ensures that even if someone is unqualified for the role at the moment, you don’t damage their relationship with your employer brand. They may apply again in the future.

Mya can also answer questions candidates have about details not covered in the job description like company culture, compensation, and benefits. And since Mya engages candidates within seconds of applying, every applicant gets immediate feedback.

Here’s what candidates have to say:

“The experience chatting with the AI recruiter, Mya, was seamless and was no trouble to take part in. It was comforting to have an opportunity to ask questions so early on in the process and leaves me with the impression that each application is taken seriously.”

Gathering data in an engaging manner through AI

Candidates dread and avoid long job applications. A simple search on Google returns a myriad of posts like this one on Quora “Why are job applications so long and stupid?” Research by Careerbuilder shares that 60% of job seekers have quit an application halfway due to its length or complexity.

However, employers often perceive long forms as unavoidable. Employers have to wrestle with screening out unqualified candidates while not frustrating qualified candidates with a long form.

There’s frustration and challenge on both sides of the issue.

Candidates would like a more engaging hiring experience and employers want more data up front. Combining an artificial intelligence for recruiting like Mya with a short form job application ensures both parties get what they need and creates an engaging experience for candidates.

After a candidate fills out basic contact info and submits their resume file, Mya reaches out to confirm details and screen the candidate for further qualifications as determined by the recruiting team.

What was an unengaging and difficult form turns into a two-way open-ended conversation. Mya also gives candidates the opportunity to ask for additional information and to have questions answered.

Candidates prefer engaging with Mya to filling out long forms:

“I have never experienced this form of questionnaire before. I believe it’s a very good and unique way of answering questions for the role and is a lot more intriguing than doing so in drop down boxes. In addition, it was extremely useful being able to ask questions and get the answers straight away, rather than emailing or calling certain HR workers.”

Providing on-demand personalized communications to candidates with AI

Delayed recruiting communications can cause candidates to leave negative feedback on review sites, disengage with your employer brand, and discourage their network from applying to your open roles. Delaying can also cause you to lose the most qualified candidates in your pipeline to companies that communicate better.

Current best practices recommend sending out automated application emails. However, it’s rare for these emails to be personalized and common for them to be sent from no-reply email addresses. Candidates often find themselves in the dark following the email.

Candidates expect timely communications. 50% report they’d give up on a company if they haven’t heard back in 2 weeks, but they also expect communications to be personalized. For already time and human capital-strapped employers, providing feedback and personalizing messaging to each candidate on a short timeline is difficult or even impossible.

Conversational AI can help solve the issue of time-sensitive and personalized communications with candidates. Mya leverages natural language processing, neural networks, and entity extraction to deliver a personalized interaction within seconds of a completed application. Mya goes beyond the standard automated application confirmation. It can answer questions, screen applicants, and even go so far as to schedule an interview.

Here’s what candidates had to say:

“I really enjoyed my experience with Mya. It made the online application process feel very personal and tailored to my specific questions, which means I fully understand the role and the next steps that are required.”

The 2018 CandE Research Report reported that 85% of 13,000 job seekers surveyed from the North America, EMEA, and EPAC regions regard consistent communication throughout the process as the top driver of satisfaction with their recruitment experiences. Conversational AI is the ideal solution for talent acquisition teams to provide personalized communication to candidates. Conversational AI makes hiring more efficient and is easy to deploy, maintain, and use.

It’s also a great experience for candidates. Reports and data from our customers suggest that communication facilitated by a human level parity conversational AI has a positive impact on candidate experience. In fact, many times candidates who communicate with Mya feel like they are speaking to a human recruiter.

“Mya was very impressive, actually shocked me how responsive the bot was and it felt as if I was actually talking to someone who could type very quick.”

Book a demo of Mya today to learn more about how conversational AI can help you build a better candidate experience.

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