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The Easy Way to Adopt AI Recruiting Technology

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Artificial Intelligence
The organizational challenges of implementing Ai for recruiting

While AI recruiting technology has been recognized as an essential component of the modern HR technology landscape, purchasing and implementing a recruiting AI solution can seem daunting to even the most technologically forward-thinking HR leader. Human Capital trends shared that while 72% of HR and business leaders saw the value in implementing AI recruitment tools, only 31% felt prepared to address it as part of their HR digital transformation strategy.

Staffing leaders and HR want to adopt AI for recruiting

After speaking to HR leaders at both staffing and enterprise companies, we found that, regardless of the industry, leaders had similar concerns about AI. Their top three concerns were:

  • that implementing AI would disrupt their existing recruiting operations
  • that AI for recruiting would be difficult to integrate with their ATS and lead to challenges in data management
  • that artificial intelligence would prove challenging to deploy into new job openings or client companies.

With those concerns in mind, we’ve taken steps at Mya to ensure our AI in recruiting is one of the easiest solutions on the market to configure, integrate, and scale.

Implement AI recruiting technology without disrupting your workflows

Fortune 500 companies and the largest staffing companies in the world can’t tolerate a technology implementation that is disrupting the recruitment industry. Our customer solutions team has successfully deployed Mya’s conversational AI at such organizations hundreds of times with no downtime in operations.

Implementing Mya is a strategic process that begins with identifying a role that has a dearth of candidates, or that has so many candidates that a recruiting black hole exists. Next, our customer solutions team gathers the data points you’re looking to collect from candidates, applies them to one of the conversational blueprints from our library, and gets your conversational AI ready for deployment.

For readers who are new to Mya, you can think of a conversational blueprint as an outline of questions that Mya must ask to gather the data you need. We’ve developed conversational blueprints for our customers across thousands of different job types spanning everything from retail associates and warehouse employees to business executives. This internal library of conversational blueprints helps us to configure your AI faster and helps the AI be more effective.

Now that your AI recruiting assistant is ready, our customer solutions team schedules training sessions with your recruiters. Each recruiter is given a login and is trained using the Mya Recruiter Portal. Recruiters can use the portal to check for upcoming interviews, configure a powerful scheduling & calendar integration with just a few button clicks, review applications, read conversation transcripts, or open new job requirements.

If recruiters opt for the calendar integration, the majority of their interaction with Mya will be through an existing personal calendar app such as Office 365. With the integration set up, Mya will automatically screen candidates and schedule interviews directly onto the recruiter’s calendar. Rather than disrupting recruiters’ workflows, Mya frees them from mundane tasks like screening and scheduling, which allows recruiters to focus on delivering a high-quality candidate experience by having personal interactions with candidates.

“We saved 45 working days on a six months period for our UK recruiting team. Thus, helping them to redeploy this time in other value-added tasks. – Niilesh Bhoite, Chief Digital Officer, Global HR, L’Oréal

Grow your AI recruiting integration as you go

Poorly built or complicated software integrations are a nightmare for HR leadership and the IT groups that support them. Furthermore, drawn-out lead times for integrations can be frustrating for software buyers who need their recruiting AI to be up and running urgently. To solve these issues, we offer 4 different options to integrate with Mya.

Listed in order of increasing capabilities, you can integrate with Mya through embedded links, file transfers, javascript, or a full API integration. Note that with most ATS, you’ll have the option to phase your implementation.

Did you know that Mya integrates with Workday?

Customer solutions meet with your leadership team and partners with internal stakeholders to advise you on an integration strategy and executes the process. Mya can be integrated with your careers site, applicant tracking system, calendar app, and certain types of semantic search & matching software. We’ve also partnered with many of the top HRIS commonly used by leading companies today, such as Workday.

Rapidly deploy your AI across different jobs and client companies

Mya’s conversational blueprints enable us to allow both staffing and enterprise companies to rapidly deploy custom conversational AI according to their unique needs. Internal recruiting teams at enterprise organizations are often responsible for filling a variety of positions. There can be a need for conversational AI to screen warehouse workers and a conversational AI to screen executive candidates as well. Our conversational blueprints support both cases.

Our staffing customers often need to deploy conversational AI for client companies. Their clients can span multiple industries such as trucking, logistics, or healthcare. Our conversational blueprints enable our staffing customers to deploy AI for their clients in a timely manner. For example, at Adecco, new brands can submit their requirements and begin screening candidates with Mya in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

We’ve taken steps as an organization to ensure that your entire experience purchasing, implementing, and scaling Mya is as smooth as possible. We’re advocates of candidate experience and strong believers in customer experience as well. Development is constantly underway to make our onboarding and implementation processes smoother for our customers.

Since the development of COVID-19, organizations need to be able to respond to shifting market needs and adapt to uncertainties quickly. You can transform your recruiting engine from reactive to proactive with Conversational AI.

If you’d like to learn more about how easy implementing a conversational AI system for recruiting can be, click here to schedule an exploratory call with our team.

This blog was originally published on 05/29/2019. It was updated on 05/6/2020.

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