The Game-changer Part 1: AI for Recruiting

| Malik Aibache
Artificial Intelligence
The Game-changer Part 1: Ai for Recruiting

In the first of a three-part series, Recruitment Game Changer looks at some of the ways that technology can make the recruitment process more streamlined and less stressful for recruiters and candidates alike.

Is recruitment admin draining time and energy out of your business?

For some years now, technology has increased the speed and ease with which recruiters can market their vacancies through social media and job sites. Candidates, too, can now conveniently register their interest and apply online.

There is scope to go further in improving quality of outcomes at this early stage in the recruitment process, while freeing resources, but this potential is largely untapped at present. Let me explain what I mean.

Very few people embark on a career in HR or recruitment to spend their lives scheduling interviews and nudging/nagging candidates to keep their commitments. Very few rush to the office in the morning excited about asking the same basic questions of potential applicants or yet again answering applicants’ FAQs about the business and the job in question.

These tasks are an essential part of the recruitment process, of course, but they’re not the best use of recruiters’ talents and experience, which are better employed on activities where the human touch adds real value. It’s a long list: workforce planning, understanding hiring requirements, defining the job spec, spending time with the best qualified candidates, networking, contacting passive candidates, building the company brand….

Too good to be true?

Imagine if you could delegate the initial filtering of candidates. You come into the office one fine day to see your calendar has been populated with interviews of candidates who have previously been screened and had their initial questions answered.

At Mya Systems, we’ve helped enterprises, staffing agencies, and recruitment consultancies to achieve this by off-loading the day-to-day admin that is part and parcel of the recruitment process to an AI recruiting assistant.

Today, Mya is capable of holding a natural conversation with applicants via SMS to screen them and assess their level of interest and suitability. They can schedule interviews and remind candidates to attend. Throughout, the human ‘boss’ stays firmly in control.

It could be the start of a beautiful relationship with a future employee! But even unsuccessful candidates walk away with a great impression of the business, having been treated with courtesy and kept up-to-date about the progress of their application. The recruitment black hole is eliminated.

As well as using AI recruiting assistants in the early stages of hiring, there’s scope to drive technology much further into the recruitment lifecycle.

But more on that later.

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