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The Guide to Automated Interview Scheduling

Vinita Venkatesh
| Vinita Venkatesh
Artificial Intelligence
The Guide to Automated Interview Scheduling

Today I want to tell you about a massive opportunity for you to improve the efficiency of your recruiting teams. It’s automating your interview scheduling. Manual interview scheduling is causing you to lose qualified candidates, eating up most of your recruiters hours, and slowing down your recruiting process. In this article, I’ll cover the issues with manual interview scheduling and different types of automated interview scheduling.

Manual Scheduling is Inefficient

Did you know that 60% of recruiters say that they regularly lose candidates because they aren’t able to schedule them for interviews fast enough? When it costs thousands of dollars for your company to acquire a candidate isn’t it silly to lose them just because of scheduling friction?

Manual interview scheduling also wastes a lot of your recruiting team’s time. In data from our customers, we found that sometimes recruiters were spending as much as 2/3rds of their time on interview scheduling. This is really common in high volume recruiting at staffing agencies for healthcare, light industrial, and warehouse/supply chain recruiting.

The fact is that there’s a large opportunity for you to create speed and efficiency by automating your interview scheduling.

What is Automated Interview Scheduling?

Automated interview scheduling is using technology like bots, chatbots, or conversational AI for recruiting to enable convenient scheduling and re-scheduling of interviews. Using scheduling software reduces friction in the hiring process. It also helps staffing agencies make placements faster. Another benefit is that it improves the candidate experience.

Types of Interview Scheduling Software Available

There are a few options you can use for interview scheduling software. One option is using an interview scheduling tool.  With simple tools, your recruiting team can set up hours that they are available and have candidates book time on their calendar. A problem with simple interview scheduling tools though is that they require your recruiters to share their link with candidates constantly.

And if there’s a need to reschedule candidates have to get sent the link again. So while simple tools make scheduling marginally more convenient, they don’t create dramatic changes to your speed and efficiency.

Another option would be to use AI interview scheduling solutions. A conversational AI platform, for example, would have AI interview scheduling as a feature. What would make this more attractive is that you’d get it as part of a platform. So you’d get the benefits of AI pre-screening, AI interview scheduling, and bidirectional ATS integrations in a single solution. In fact, 6 of the 8 largest staffing agencies in the world and 52 of the Fortune 500 use Mya as their conversational AI platform of choice.

The Benefits of Using AI Interview Scheduling

The benefits of using a conversational AI platform for AI interview scheduling are that it creates a seamless experience for your candidates and recruiting team. Mya handles the early-stage engagement and transitions candidates that meet your requirements for a scheduled interview with your recruiter. It all happens in minutes instead of weeks. This creates a strong candidate experience. In fact, Mya has an average candidate satisfaction score of 9.8/10.

Also, if a candidate needs to reschedule their interview all they have to do is text Mya and ask for another time. Your recruiters don’t have to spend 2/3rds of their time coordinating their interview schedules and managing communications. Automating your interview scheduling, as part of an overall AI recruiting strategy, can produce great results for your company.

Mya is able to reduce time to interview by as much as 79% for our clients. Using a conversational AI platform can also 4x your staffing agency’s placement rate and create a 2.5x increase in your inbound recruiting funnel conversions. Conversational AI platforms go beyond simply automating interview scheduling and enable you to transform your entire recruiting process.

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