The Top 10 Ways to Reduce Time-To-Fill

| Ameya Deshmukh
Talent Acquisition | 2 min read
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Most HR & recruiting leaders are aware that time-to-fill is a great way to gauge the performance and hiring speed of their talent acquisition teams. But what most leaders fail to do, according to Dr. John Sullivan, is to recognize the strong connection between time-to-hire and improved employee performance, employee retention, and organizational culture.

Recognizing this connection and acting on it is one of the best ways to increase the impact of recruiting on business performance beyond placing people in roles. This article will share 10 ways you can do so.

Make your communication more accessible to candidates

  • Add a live chat function to your career site to create engagement and answer candidate questions. For 71% of consumers, a website based live chat is the most satisfying customer support channel.
  • Engage candidates using real-time communication methods like text messaging. Jobvite reported that 73% of job seekers preferred to get information about jobs over a text message.

Create more touchpoints with candidates

  • Engage candidates immediately post apply in a 2-way conversation and continue to communicate throughout the recruiting process by sending regular updates on their hiring status.
  • Make communication with candidates more personalized by engaging through social media, messaging applications, text messages, emails, and/or video calls.

Reduce common roadblocks

  • Have your recruiters connect regularly with hiring managers to make sure the right candidates are being sourced and deliverables are being completed by both parties.
  • Use candidate state changes to set up powerful workflow automation to make sure candidates aren’t getting lost in the shuffle due to data entry not being performed on time.

Keep your talent database up to date

  • Schedule regular outreach campaigns to passive candidates to re-engage them and see if any of your previous candidates are now good fits for open roles.
  • Keep your database clean by making sure unqualified candidates are labeled so you don’t spend recruiting hours reaching out to them.

Use conversational AI to automate tasks and free recruiting hours

  • Screen high volumes of candidates simultaneously in real-time with a conversational AI like Mya and have it schedule interviews directly on your recruiter’s calendars.
  • Engage targeted lists of passive candidates from your database with a conversational AI like Mya, have it update their candidate profiles, and schedule qualified candidates for interviews

When it comes to reducing time-to-fill, automation is a great solution. Screening, scheduling, and updating candidate profile data are all tasks that take up a lot of recruiting hours. Use conversational AI to handle these types of tasks and free your recruiters to build meaningful connections with qualified candidates over the phone, via video interviews, and in person. Book a demo today to learn how Mya can help you reduce time-to-fill.

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