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This year, recruiting teams were worn thin. Uncertainty ran rampant regarding whether recruiters should continue business as usual, stop hiring altogether, or jumpstart a candidate pipeline in anticipation of normalcy in the future. And this was all happening while recruiters themselves wondered about their job security. Some recruiting teams saw as much as 80% of their team laid off with the expectation of maintaining normal business function.

Like the rest of the world, our team was shocked to see how quickly the industry had to adjust. Budgets changed with the sudden expectation to do more with less. Candidate priorities shifted, and candidate resentment jumped to an all-time high. And most stressful of all — recruiters have been expected to adjust seamlessly.

We gathered the top 5 articles from the Mya blog that resonated with our audience the most in 2020. Whether you missed them when they first circulated or if you want a recap of the year’s hot topics, these are the articles recruiting teams and staffing firms alike found the most helpful as they navigated this past year.

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1. Bias In Job Descriptions: Your First Step to Creating a More Diverse Workforce

This article, focused on mitigating job description bias, explained why some language in your job descriptions are rooted in unconscious bias, and limit the qualified candidates that convert on your job site.

Get this: 47% of the workforce is female, but 73% of CEOs are male.

This article is a deep dive of:

  • The difference between explicit and implicit bias
  • The cultural roots of gender bias
  • Tangible examples of gender bias in job descriptions
  • Everyday biased words you likely won’t expect
  • The power of diversity hiring panels

Plus, we address the tools that can help mitigate bias in your hiring decisions. As automation, technology, and the use of AI continue to rise in talent acquisition, we must become more intentional about the way we approach diversity hiring. Technology can be an incredible force for change, but it’s on us as an industry to make sure it’s a force for good.

Read the full article here.

2. 17 Ways to Reduce Hiring Bias

Hiring bias goes far beyond the language you use in your job descriptions. In 2020, our readers recognized the unique opportunity to slow down, take a look at their existing practices, and figure out how to tackle their unconscious bias from all angles. This long-form article presented 17 unique ways to get this done no matter your industry, company size, or the tools you currently leverage.

Get the full 17 ways to reduce hiring bias here.

3. How Your Recruiting Teams Can Respond to The Coronavirus

When recruiting teams were at peak uncertainty in the early spring of 2020, the Mya team decided to address the elephant in the room: is there any right way for recruiting teams to respond? Is it all a shot in the dark? Our AI recruiting experts compiled the responses that recruiting teams can be sure of when most things seemed uncertain.

Their tips included:

  • How to redeploy existing talent
  • Ways to increase speed and efficiency and do more with less
  • How leveraging new tech can be the right choice in uncertain times

Dive into Mya’s tips here.

4. How to Use AI in Hiring for Critical Infrastructure Positions

While some industries had to halt hiring altogether this year, some had to go into super drive. Staffing agencies needed to fill critical infrastructure positions (i.e., frontline sectors like healthcare and essential service like grocery delivery)  in high-volume. In this article from May, the Mya team explains how AI in hiring allows staffing agencies to rapidly scale and pivot their recruiting efforts across rapidly changing locations, job profiles, and hiring volumes to meet this moment.

Simply put, there’s a limit to the number of conversations a recruiter can have in a day. Especially when they’re early-stage recruiting conversations, that’s where conversational AI(CAI) helps. CAI takes all of the early-stage communication tasks off your recruiting teams’ hands. For example, CAI handles all pre-screening, FAQs, candidate engagement, and interview scheduling/rescheduling.

Making critical infrastructure placements with CAI happens in 3 ways:

  1. Scale. Conversational AI helps companies immediately build a talent pipeline, ensuring your preparedness for sudden growth.
  2. Speed. Without CAI, your recruiters spend 80% of their time on repetitive, tedious tasks that could be automated.
  3. Efficiency. CAI gives staffing agencies the ability to scale conversations with candidates in any time zone and for any job profile. Suddenly, your agency can go from conducting thousands of conversations in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

Read the full article here.

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5. Recruiter Ghosting Ruins Your Candidate Experience

Before the sudden recruiting changes we saw in 2020, unemployment was low, and candidates were most often the ghosting offenders. A recruiter would have initial outreach; conversations would go well, and then — nothing. Now, recruiters are in a sprint to fill crucial positions and often needing to do so in high volume. Recruiter ghosting isn’t necessarily something new, but we finally have a name for it. And it needs to stop for the benefit of both parties. Recruiters need to take the necessary steps to engage with interested candidates.

Forget about sending personalized communication for a minute. It’s rare for most candidates even to receive an automated rejection email. 65% of job seekers say they never or rarely receive a rejection notice from employers. If you’re able to create a personalized interaction for every candidate, it’s sure to help you stand out.

This article covers:

  • Stats that prove that ghosting candidates is detrimental to your candidate experience
  • How automating your recruitment process can put an end to ghosting
  • The benefits of Conversational AI on recruiting
  • How Conversational AI expedites the screening process
  • Ways to access candidate data whenever you need it
  • How Conversational AI — when used correctly — can end candidate ghosting for good

See the full article.

Bring on 2021

We don’t claim to know what comes next and if 2021 will present the talent acquisition world with a calmer landscape. However, we promise to continue delivering our expert hiring automation tips on the Mya blog in response to whatever comes next. What we can tell you is that no matter what we see in 2021, deploying Mya’s conversational AI will ensure you’re prepared with a scalable, speedy, and efficient process from start to finish.

Mya is the leading automation and conversational AI platform – transforming the hiring process by automating outreach and communications across the end-to-end candidate lifecycle — the ideal tool to lift your recruitment function during uncertain times. Request a demo today to see how the Mya platform can supercharge your existing processes!

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