Two Cutting-Edge Mya Products, Officially Bullhorn Marketplace Certified

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
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Mya team celebrating their Bullhorn integration news

Two cutting-edge Mya products you love, now officially Bullhorn Marketplace Certified.

Mya Recruit is officially Bullhorn certified, alongside Mya Outreach! It’s gone through the rigorous Bullhorn integration certification testing and is now enabled and supported by the Bullhorn team. Mya’s Conversational AI recruiting platform is the only recruitment chatbot in the Bullhorn marketplace with this capability.

The @MyaSystems platform just got even more unique. See their announcement with @Bullhorn in their latest blog post! Click To Tweet

This means:

  • All Mya text conversations can be configured, executed, and managed directly within your Bullhorn interface, making the automation of your recruitment process easier than ever
  • Bullhorn customers can now instantly engage candidates from all application sources, including such as your careers page, job boards, and text-to-apply
  • You can automate the entire process of scheduling and coordinating candidate interviews while updating candidate records within Bullhorn in real-time

Real-Time Candidate Profile and Job Application Updates

This bi-directional integration enables Mya to update candidate job applications and screening insights from Mya conversations in real-time, at scale, into Bullhorn. Mya operates inside Bullhorn, just like a recruiter would, and works in tandem with your existing workflows and any new workflows you may create. Recruiters can easily check in on Mya’s activity with candidates directly within Bullhorn, as they happen.

Automating Your Recruitment Process Has Never Been Easier

You can leverage Mya to initiate outreach, match candidates to open positions, and fill your talent pipeline with pre-qualified candidates. Specifically, Mya performs pre- and post-application screening, initial Q&A, and even scheduling candidates for interviews, all via AI-based webchat and text messages. Mya schedules interviews directly in Microsoft Outlook 365 or as Bullhorn Appointments, viewable in the Planner, based on real-time recruiter availability and capacity.

The Leading Conversational AI, Deployed Directly Into Your ATS

You can now access Mya’s seamless integration deployed directly within the Bullhorn interface, allowing Bullhorn customers to work directly in their existing system of record, while still achieving all of the benefits of AI-driven automation and messaging from Mya + Bullhorn to stay ahead of your competition!

Learn more about the dynamic pair of the Mya + Bullhorn partnership.

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