What is AI recruiting technology?

| Ameya Deshmukh
Artificial Intelligence
what is AI recruiting technology?

More than ever there’s a need for speed, efficiency, and the ability to scale recruiting operations. AI recruiting technology is how many of the Fortune 500 and the world’s largest staffing agencies meeting that need. But what is AI recruiting technology?

There are several components to recruiting AI. These underlying technologies are what enable conversational AI for recruiting to be highly effective. One example is NLP or natural language processing. AI in recruiting understand how to communicate to candidates because of NLP.

What is AI recruiting technology?

Recruiting AI leverages proprietary natural language processing and machine learning techniques. It automates outreach and communications with job candidates. Conversational AI is the most advanced type of AI recruiting technology. Conversational AI provides a stellar candidate experience and is highly engaging.

What is NLP or Natural Language Processing?

Sophisticated AI recruitment chatbots use advanced natural language processing techniques. NLP provides recruiting AI with the skills it needs to communicate like a human. NLP is also how AI picks up on details in conversation.

Recruiting AI, like conversational AI(CAI), are popular because of their advanced NLP. Through their NLP algorithms, CAI understands context, intent, ideas, topics, and new threads. Less sophisticated recruiting chatbots, on the other hand, don’t have advanced NLP and aren’t able to have 2 way, dynamic, human-like conversations. 

What does AI recruiting technology do?

You can use AI to automate high volume recruiting tasks. Companies are using recruiting AI to pre-screen candidates, engage their passive candidate database, build a talent pipeline, handle scheduling communication, and perform data entry.

Recruiting AI is designed to make recruiting teams more efficient. It also makes the hiring process more human by connecting recruiters to candidates more quickly.

What are the benefits of recruiting AI?

The key benefit of recruiting AI is saving recruiter’s time. AI automates high volume tasks creates more engaging experiences for your candidates. Because it pre-screens and schedules candidates onto your recruiter’s calendars, recruiters spend more time talking to candidates. Recruiting AI makes your hiring process faster, more engaging, and more human for both sides of the table.

Another benefit of recruiting AI is that it makes your hiring process faster. You can reduce your time to interview by 79% with AI. If you’re a staffing agency, you know that faster-recruiting processes translate into more placements. In fact, recruiting AI can create a 4x increase in your agency’s placement rate.

If you’re not a recruiting agency, you’ll be interested to know that recruiting AI will transform your candidate experience and employer brand. In fact, our recruiting AI, Mya, consistently gets 9.8/10 candidate satisfaction scores. Candidates love engaging with a conversational AI for recruiting.

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