What Makes a Good Careers Page in 2020?

| Ameya Deshmukh
Talent Acquisition

When it comes to recruiting, your company’s careers page is one of your best assets. Although often undervalued, great career pages can act as ambassadors for candidates and help develop a personal and more human connection.  According to the Talent Board’s 2018 benchmark research report, career pages are the number one source candidates use to research a potential employer. If you haven’t taken a hard look at your careers page, now’s the time to consider what it takes to create a highly converting site.

The best careers pages for 2020 use design, persona, and engagement in a strategic way, to create a standout candidate experience. They also take into account the changing nature of the workforce, are attractive to millennials, and offer a consumer-like user experience.

The 3 Elements of a Great Careers Page in 2020

  1. Bold and usable design
  2. Targeted and specific personas
  3. Engaging consumer-like experiences

Careers Website Design

Design is the first thing candidates notice when they open your career site. Good design is important because it establishes credibility with your visitors. According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46% of site visitors stated that the design of a site  (color scheme, layout, navigation, etc.) is the number 1 factor influencing credibility.

While there are many aspects to creating a great career page design, it boils down to three primary factors: Usability, Utility, and Visuals. The information must be easy to find, it must be relevant, and it must be easy to understand. If your navigation is poorly designed, potential candidates aren’t going to be able to find what they need. Likewise, if the information isn’t what your visitors are looking for, they are more likely to leave your career site without applying for a job.

Looking for a design template? Themeforest has a large selection of the best careers page design templates.

Candidate Persona

Candidate personas are an important but often neglected part of a successful recruitment page. Creating candidate personas is all about communicating what’s important to your company and what sets you apart from other competitors. Whether or not potential candidates align your company’s persona is a strong determinant of whether or not they will apply for a position with your company.

To successfully achieve this, you’ll need strong copywriting that reflects the shared values that your company and visitors hold, and aligns with initiatives that matter, like diversity.

To flesh out the values and ideals of your visitors and company share, consider creating candidate personas. Similar to customer personas used in the marketing world, you’ll use real data to identify trends and create a persona for your typical candidate. Start by examining successfully onboarded employees. Some questions to ask include what they value most, what they need in the workplace, and what motivates them.

Read Beamery’s article if you’re wondering how to create a candidate persona.


Engagement is an element that will predict how long your visitors will stay on your site. Have you ever been on a website and felt like you are just scrolling through endless paragraphs of text? If so, you probably weren’t engaged with the content. A great career site doesn’t just provide information. It actively engages visitors and is mindful of how information is presented.

In today’s digital world, your potential applicants use social media on a daily basis to watch videos, share content, and more.

Career sites that cater to these preferences are more successful because they are engaging. Having features like stories and photos or videos of real employees creates transparency and establishes social proof. It also creates a sense of community and offers visitors more ways to engage.

Get inspired to build a more engaging careers page. Read this article showcasing the 5 best career pages on the web 


Build a great careers page in 2020

All great careers pages master the 3 elements of design, persona, and engagement.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “how can I use the elements to make my careers page more effective?”

You might find some more tips to help guide your thinking in the article 23 Careers Page Best Practices.

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