What Makes a Good Career Site in 2020?

| Ameya Deshmukh
Talent Acquisition

When it comes to recruiting, your company’s careers page is one of your best assets. Although often undervalued, great career pages can act as ambassadors for candidates and help develop a personal and more human connection.  According to the Talent Board’s 2018 benchmark research report, career pages are the number one source candidates use to research a potential employer. If you haven’t taken a hard look at your careers page, now’s the time to consider what it takes to create a highly converting one.

The best career sites for 2020 create engaging, information rich, and navigable experiences. They also make sure to answer candidate questions around health, safety, and job security. These types of career sites are able to convert more candidates, they keep their cost per applicant low, and generate a higher quality talent pipeline.

The 3 Elements of a Great Career Site in 2020

  1. Bold and usable design
  2. Helpful copy that answers candidate questions
  3. Engaging consumer-like experiences

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Design is the first thing candidates notice when they open your career site. Good design is important because it establishes credibility with your visitors. According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46% of site visitors stated that the design of a site  (color scheme, layout, navigation, etc.) is the number 1 factor influencing credibility.

While there are many aspects to creating a great career page design, it boils down to three primary factors: Usability, Utility, and Visuals. The information must be easy to find, it must be relevant, and it must be easy to understand. If your navigation is poorly designed, potential candidates aren’t going to be able to find what they need. Likewise, if the information isn’t what your visitors are looking for, they are more likely to leave your career site without applying for a job.

However, a career site redesign process is a costly time-intensive project to take on. Plus, if you’re using a career site tool then your ability to customize your career site is limited to the features of that tool. Instead of embarking on an expensive and costly redesign, I recommend using conversational AI to improve the usability and utility of your career site experience. Getting set up with conversational AI for your career site is a fast, cost-effective, and easy way to improve the usability and utility of your site.

Answer Candidate Questions with Copywriting

Answering candidate questions is an important but often neglected part of a successful recruitment page. Aligning your career site copy to answer questions and surface information that your candidates need will improve the conversion rate of your career site. You can improve your site performance by answering the following questions.

  1. How are you keeping your employees safe?
  2. What health insurance benefits are your offering?
  3. What can you tell candidates about job security?
  4. What can you tell candidates about how you are creating an inclusive workplace?

You’ll have to repeat this process for each type of job you have. It can get overwhelming quickly. Like a career site redesign, reworking your career site copy to answer candidate questions properly will be a resource-intensive project. If you don’t have time or bandwidth to have professional copywriters work on your career site to write content that will answers these questions at the right time, consider using conversational AI instead.

Conversational AI will answer your candidates questions, surface relevant jobs, and increase the number of applicants you generate through your career site. Best of all, you can get these benefits for pennies on the dollar compared to an expensive redesign project and increase your conversions in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Use Video to Create Engagement

Engagement is an element that will predict how long your visitors will stay on your site and complete the actions that you want them to. Have you ever been on a website and felt like you are just scrolling through endless paragraphs of text? If so, you probably weren’t engaged with the content. It isn’t enough to have information on your career site, you have to get visitors to engage with it and consume it.

In today’s digital world, your potential applicants use social media on a daily basis to watch videos, share content, and more.

Career sites that cater to these preferences are more successful because they are engaging. Having features like stories and photos or videos of real employees creates transparency and establishes social proof. It also creates a sense of community and offers visitors more ways to engage.

Read this article showcasing the 5 best career pages on the web. Those companies have created very engage career sites by investing heavily in video-based employee storytelling.

Due to the pandemic, it’s almost impossible for you to use employee storytelling effectively, especially if you’ve never done it before. An alternative to improve engagement on your career site is to use conversational AI. Conversational AI will create a natural 2 way dialogue between each one of your site visitors in a chat window. You only have to set it up once to have it running and you can get started with it in as little time as 1 week. It’s a great alternative to expensive video creation efforts and it’s proven to be effective.

Improve Your Careers Site Perforamnce

If you have budget and bandwidth to invest heavily in career site redesign and content generation, we have additional articles covering those topics in greater depth.

You might find some more tips to help guide your thinking in the article 23 Careers Page Best Practices.

We also have written a step by step guide to help you build the best career website. 

If you don’t have time or budget to create an elaborate content campaign or to completely overhaul your career site, you may want to consider using conversational AI for your career website instead. Conversational AI will engage visitors in natural 1 to 1 conversation, subscribe them to job alerts, and direct them to relevant positions. It’s a great way to increase the performance of your career site without having to embark on an expensive redesign and development project.

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