Why Now Is the Right Time to Reevaluate and Invest in Hiring Technology

| Ameya Deshmukh
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Mya employee holds a group interview after studying hiring trends

Just halfway through the year, 2020 has pushed HR teams and staffing firms out of their comfort zone. We’ve changed in the way we work, the complexity of our daily routines, and even how we relate and communicate with others on a human level. We see it everywhere we turn: the old rules don’t apply anymore. And with new rules, comes a shift in tech priorities to help.

How those who hire “show up” affects who you attract, who you keep engaged, and who will spread positive experience to others. And the rapid changes we see in the workforce has given organizations a new opportunity to show (or shift!) their authentic self to both current and potential employees.

Whether your organization is in the process of rehiring, preparing for a hiring surge, or laying low until you see what will come next — one thing is certain: your current process needs to be more efficient than before to survive. Between your budget and time limitations, it’s impossible to evaluate and update all parts of your process. You may find yourself deciding between adopting one major tech upgrade, or low-budget overall of your entire tech stack. These are our recommendations for where your tech update priorities should lie based on hiring trends:

#TimeToHire sitting around 40 days seemed standard at the beginning of 2020, but that’s more of a month out of a job for those laid off due to #COVID19. Follow these #hiringtrends from @MyaSystems to speed up your process & benefit all parties. Click To Tweet

Managing Applicants

Regulations are differing state by state. And with remote work becoming the norm, you may be seeing an influx of out of state candidates. A slew of laid-off professionals could mean a marathon for an already exhausted HR team. View your processes from a stripped-down perspective, remove the “noise” and see what impacts your speed and quality of your TA operations as applicants fill your inboxes.

Consider these opportunities at this stage:

  • Leveraging the right recruiting tech to reimagine your candidate management can help manage incoming candidates from first engagement.
  • Acknowledge any outdated advertising or job posts that don’t reflect your current state of hiring.
  • Consider AI-fueled tech additions to lessen your team’s administrative burden and handle initial candidate inquiries quickly. Put yourself in their shoes and ensure you aren’t asking candidates to answer the same questions repeatedly.

Qualifying Candidates

Even without a definitive end to the pandemic, those out of a job aren’t waiting to get back in the job market, especially for those seeking remote positions. While time-to-hire sitting at 40 days didn’t seem like an extensive process long ago, that’s more of a month out of a job for these professionals. And with the recruiting tech available, there’s no excuse for leaving them idle in the ATS black hole with no communication. The latest research show that 62% of candidates never hear back from an employer after applying. Can you come to terms with this lack of communication during a global pandemic? Decide what roadblocks slow down your process and ask yourself if they are truly necessary for screening and qualifying candidates.

Consider out-of-the-box ways to speed your qualifying process:

  • Seek out quick assessments for early-stage screening that don’t require a massive buy-in from interested candidates.
  • Is it possible to have group career fairs or group interviews? This could be a learning opportunity for candidates and will speed up your individual screening steps.
Rapid changes in the workforce have given organizations a new opportunity to show (or shift!) their authentic self to both current and potential employees. Follow these #hiringtrends to find the right tech to improve your process! Click To Tweet

How You Interview

Do you absolutely need to have the standard interview that you maintained before COVID-19? Foregoing the standard hour-long virtual interview could benefit both you and your candidates, especially if they are currently out of a job due to the pandemic. If you have leveraged hiring tech that has answered basic candidate questions and helped with your screening and qualifying process, you can view your interview as your truly human-centric part of the hiring process. With the right tech, you already know they’re qualified. Use pointed questions about their work style, character, and scenario-based queries to get an idea of how they would fit and if they have a diverse background that would benefit the company.

“The way we’ve always done it” doesn’t matter anymore. There’s no better time to reevaluate, cut out the roadblocks, and implement the key technology that will speed up and accelerate your hiring process to make sense for the (uncertain) future.

Mya’s conversational AI recruiting software is at the forefront of today and tomorrow’s biggest hiring trends and uses state-of-the-art natural language processing(NLP) and machine learning techniques to automate outreach and communications with candidates across the end-to-end recruiting process, so you can spend your time engaging with pre-screened, interested professionals. Schedule a demo to see how it can benefit your current hiring process.

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